Gift Your Guests!



Your guests may have traveled, or not, but regardless, they spent their time coming to support YOU on your wedding day!  Giving your guests a little memento to say ‘thank you’ is a fantastic idea.  But do you have to break the bank doing so?  Not at all!  Below we’ve got some suggestions for fun guest trinkets, but also a brilliant ways to entertain your guests…




OK, so if you’re a science geek like my hubby and I, you might want this button at your wedding — but chances are you’ll want something a little more guest-oriented — but you get the idea. 🙂  Creating simple, title-only buttons can spark some great conversations…such as ‘Mom’ or even ‘MOB’ or ‘MOG’ (for Mother of the Bride/Groom), ‘Grandma’, ‘MOH” (for Maid of Honor)…for your guests, simply ‘Guest’ might turn into a funny conversation piece, or if you feel up to the challenge (or for a small wedding), come up with personalized buttons with a trait of each of your guests.  ‘Party Animal,’ ‘Jokes told here’ or ‘Needs Tissues’ for someone who cries at everything…you get the idea…make it fun!  For a plated meal with place cards, add the buttons to each place for instant conversation when the guests arrive at your reception!




What on earth, you say?!  Give them something to do while they wait for you at the reception — and they’ll love it! I read this idea in Utterly Engaged Magazine, the couple that used this are so brilliant:  wrap a few inexpensive notebooks purchased from the discount store in a cover, or buy some inexpensive journals from a bookstore. Designate a different question on each book, asking the guests to give their best wedding advice, share a special memory of you both, or answer questions such as ‘Where do you see us in 10 years?’  Place a different notebook at each table, and have your DJ encourage guests to pass them around and/or visit each table to write in them all!  Instant memorabilia!



Image by Katy Gray Photography, Jackson Wyoming

These pictures come from Molly & Bo’s Teton Valley wedding, by the fabulous Katy Gray of Jackson.  Molly and Bo had an intimate destination wedding, and provided these little warming gifts to their guests.  While this certainly could get expensive quickly, be smart! Shop specials, or if someone is a crafter in your family, see if they might help you by making some gifts for you!


(I also have to add that I adore these handwritten tags — absolutely fantastic!)


Image by Katy Gray Photography, Jackson

Here is another fun idea from Molly & Bo’s wedding — what a fun idea!  Bells to ring when you kiss — and notice another darling handwriten tag! Love this!



As I’ve blogged a few times, my friend Elena’s wedding this past summer included an incredibly fun, unique guest favor — lottery tickets!  (And we won $37! Woo hoo!) 🙂 This is a super fun, relatively inexpensive idea!

Image by Ardent Photography, Laramie

What are you planning to do for your guests?  Please share on our Facebook page or comment on this blog — we’d LOVE to hear from you!

‘Til Next Time…Keep Going! You’re Doing Fantastic!

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Wedding Wednesday — Torrington Wedding!



It’s time for another Wedding Wednesday spotlight! Every Wednesday, we spotlight a gorgeous series of wedding or engagement photos. If you’d like to be our next Wedding Wednesday spotlight, just holler — email  Photographers and couples alike may respond — if you’re a couple, we’ll need to make sure we have the blessing of your photographer to post the photos and give them full credit.


Enough with the legal spiel, onto the wedding pics you say? I agree! Today we have a GORGEOUS couple from Torrington, WY — Jose and Lacy Gonzalez, and their amazing photographer, Jamie Beightol of A Thousand Words Photography by Jamie (in Torrington) took some really FUN shots!


I love the look of the movie theater…kind of like the circus themes that we’re seeing, a touch of vintage/retro love and definitely a great place to explore with B&W as well as color…

That same awesomeness in color…

Love the way Jamie experimented with theme…


Lovely Lacy…



I LOVE the story behind the pics above here of Lacy, and the ones to follow… If you live in Torrington (or have been there recently), there is a little area of charming purple flowers across from one of the grocery stores.  My kids picked up on it right away when we were there recently — it’s just too pretty to miss off the side of the road.  Jamie took advantage of that little patch, creating some beautiful moments out of an eye-catching, simple patch of purple flowers.  “They looked at me like I was crazy,” Jamie says.  “But I promised them it would be GORGEOUS.”  I think it definitely is — now THAT’S photographic ingenuity, in my opinion!



And one more…my absolute favorite…

Thanks Lacy & Jose for sharing your memories with us — and to Jamie of A Thousand Words Photography by Jamie in Torrington for letting us showcase your remarkable talents!  Congrats!

‘Til Next Time…I’m excited to feature YOU as our next Wedding Wednesday! If you haven’t registered your engagement with us yet, we’ll be giving away a set of our travel bags to a couple from our engagement registration list!  Click here for our engagement form!

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MON. AT THE POLLS: To Veil or Not to Veil?


Just as varied as the wedding dress is, are the veils…classic, contemporary, vintage, tiara, flowers, up do, no up do, no veil at all….or perhaps one of the new trends set here recently, as we’ll share below.  We’re asking today:  What’s your plan?  Visit our Facebook page and weigh in on our poll!

Are you going for a traditional look?  Here are some beautiful options…

The classic mantilla…gorgeous!


And of course, that All-American-Girl look with a blusher…


How about something a little vintage…such as a bird cage veil?


If you’re looking at wearing the veil with a recommended style, the bird cage veil is recommended with a trumpet or mermaid-style dress…a what and what? you ask?  I had to look them up myself. 🙂 Here are examples of each:

Mon Cheri Style #18252 Reese — Trumpet-style gown

Mon Cheri Style #111215 Cambria — Mermaid-style gown

Or if you’re going for a touch of Kate Middleton…a gorgeous hair piece?

Or perhaps you’re not going for Kate’s look, but would like something that makes you feel like a princess…like a gorgeous tiara?

Here are some more hair piece options…jewels and flowers are absolutely delightful…

OK, I’m fascinated to know — please weigh in — did this hair piece SJP sported in Sex & The City’s infamous wedding scene inspire you? Or turn you off? I’ve always been prepared to see more feathered hair pieces since, but haven’t really…I’d love to know what your thoughts are!


Photo by Richard Corkery;

So we’d love to hear from you — please weigh in on our Facebook page! What’s your plan?

‘Til Next Time…Keep Going, You’ll be Lovely and the Day Oh-So-Happy!

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Bachelorette Party Conundrum? No More!


Wondering what to do for a fun bachelorette party?  We’ve got some new ideas for you! If you & your girlfriends aren’t really into partying, or perhaps looking for something to do to supplement that idea, here are some fun ideas and places to check out in Wyoming to make them happen…


Be Ready to Impress Him in the Kitchen:  Take a Cooking Class!

How much fun is cooking — and taking a fun class with friends?! Check out your local kitchen store, an area community college/university, or see if a local personal chef (or awesome friend or family member!) would come teach you and your friends a new skill!  If the plan is to travel to another town for your party, research the classes and schedules in the area — learn how to make something new, or polish up an old skill!

Here is just a short list of Wyoming resources to check out — and we’d love to hear what other cooking resources are out there!

Copper Kettle Kitchen Store, Laramie:

Sheridan College Wyoming Culinary Institute:

The Merry Peddler, Casper:

Cottonwood Shop, Sheridan:


Learn Some New Steps:  Take a Dance Class!

Learning a new dance with your fiance might be a little intimidating — but learning with a pack of your best girlfriends might be just the remedy!  Samba, line dance, have fun with it — you may be able to hire a dance instructor to give you a private lesson!


Learning to Salsa — Pinedale

Laramie Dance Center, Laramie —

Dance Spirit Dance Studio, Cheyenne —

Room to Dance, Lander —

Take the Leap — Or Simulated:  Sky Diving!

What a memory would it be to enjoy sky diving with your best friends?! There are places where you can take the leap for real, or — more on my own personal level — indoor sky diving!  Not too many places IN Wyoming, but in the region, you bet — a simple Google search will give you lots of info!

Climb It!

From lessons to those seasoned pro pack of chicks, climbing can be a TON of fun!  Wyoming of course is FULL of climbing opportunities — check with these outdoor stores to see what opportunities for lessons are out there!

Wild Iris, Lander:

Outdoor Survival, Rock Springs:

Great Outdoor Shop, Pinedale:

Cross Country Connection, Laramie:

Here’s a great site with LOTS of climbing resources in WY!

Get on a Horse!

We ARE in Wyoming, right?! How about some fun on horseback? Dude ranches are a great place to find horseback riding experiences — or maybe you have your own!  Check out the Wyoming Dude Ranchers Association for more information:

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking!  Have some more recommendations? We’d love to hear them!  Post on our Facebook page
or comment on this blog — we’d love to hear your plans!

‘Til Next Time…Make it Your Dream!

Kati Hime, Editor


Wedding Wednesday — Style Icons


I was reading the newest People Magazine, with a preview of the pending royal nuptials in Britain. One thing struck me — a tip from an observer to Kate & Camilla having lunch together…they said that Kate was mentioning how much she admired Grace Kelly’s wedding.

This made me think…here was someone who is already a style icon in her own life, and she has a style icon that SHE looks up to as well!  I thought that was pretty neat — and since I already think Kate is pretty darn cool, I was even more excited to read that she and I share a style icon! 🙂

I grew up with my grandma living in our home, and with that came an exposure to Old Hollywood:  the musicals and the comedies were by far my favorite.  A few actresses have stood out in our society as classical style icons — symbols of grace, poise and style.  However, I’d argue that we have many of our style icons that have emerged in recent decades — and I’d love to know who you look to as your style icon — maybe not a celebrity, but a family member or friend — or maybe no one!

I did love though that there is a dress out there that will bring Grace Kelly’s style home for you if that’s what you’re searching for…look at this…


Dress:  Justin Alexander, Couture, 9552

Compare to this classic image of Grace Kelly…


Grace Kelly ties though with my other Old Hollywood style icon — probably the icon for one out of five American women… Audrey Hepburn… This photo is from her marriage to Mel Ferrer in 1954…

Of course, is there anyone who does not admire the simple elegance of everything Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis did?  Her classic timeless wedding to President John F. Kennedy of course is just one example of her elegance…


But there are many icons from our own recent history that have an influence on weddings in America…

Could you have been a teenager in the 90’s and not drooled at least slightly over Mariah Carey’s lavish wedding to Tommy Mottola?

Katie Holmes’ own lavish wedding at the Odescalchi Castle in Lake Bracciano, Italy also made a splash — with a gorgeous Armani dress…

So the marriage didn’t last (but did many of these?)…but I do so adore Jennifer Aniston and her perpetually classic, girl-next-door style…

So…who’s YOUR style icon?  Perhaps it’s not a celebrity, but a good friend or family member!  Or do you have one?  Perhaps NOT having one is your own style in itself!  We’d love to hear from you:  Who do you admire?  Is there a style that you instantly think of when you plan your own wedding?  Post here or on our Facebook page — we’d LOVE to hear from you, and we’re always excited to feature our feedback on this blog!

‘Til Next Time…We’re Excited to See Your Unique Style!

Kati Hime, Editor





Your Tiniest Attendents — by Sarah Merrill


Sarah Merrill of SuiteBlooms is back with another great topic — advice for your tiniest attendants! I love this!  And she inspired our photography spotlight over at Facebook for the week — flower girls & ring bearers, oh my! 🙂 Stop by our Facebook page and check out the photos posted by Wyoming artist!

As a little child, being asked to be a flower girl is the highest honor in the world, and will be a memory that she will likely treasure for the rest of her life.

The Petal Toss:

According to tradition, tossing petals down the aisle before you make an entrance is the job of your flower girl. This option is perfect for a flower girl that is around 5 years old. She should be old enough to understand what she is supposed to do.  Younger girls may not have the coordination to accomplish both walking and scattering petals.

The Hand Out:

If your flower girl is a little older, having her hand out flowers to your guests can be a more grown-up alternative to tossing petals. This idea is fun because it involves your guests and makes them feel important. I suggest having her carry a flower gathering basket filled with enough Gerbera Daisies, Roses (make sure the thorns have been removed), Carnations, Calla Lilies, or Tulips to give one to a lady at the end of each row. Then have her use her other hand to pass out individual flowers. It can be complicated to have a handful of flowers in one hand and not drop them as you pass them out.

Image by Charlotte Geary Photography,;

The Pomander:

This beautiful option (also known as a kissing ball) dates back to Victorian times and has recently become a popular alternative to the petal basket for your flower girl. This option is wonderful for even the youngest child because the lovely ribbon loop is easy for little hands to carry. Your florist can make it ahead of time because the center of the ball is made of wet floral foam to keep the flowers hydrated. Keep in mind that due to the labor involved, and the number of flowers required, a pomander will be one of the more expensive options for your flower girl.

The Bouquet:

Having your flower girl carry a simplified version of your bouquet may be the sweet and simple option. Ask your florist to keep it in proportion to her size to make it easy for her to carry.

The Ribbon Wand:

If you are looking for something for your flower girl to carry that will be playful and sweet, a ribbon wand could be the perfect option for you. Make it a fun DIY project to do with your flower girl for a little bonding before the wedding, and she will be proud to show off the wand that you created together.


Image by Bay Area Bride;

Ring Bearer


The Pillow:

Most couples have a Ring Bearer deliver his precious cargo to them on a traditional ring pillow. This classic idea can be customized and updated in many different ways. Try having one made in your wedding colors, or having your monogram, wedding date, or an image from your invitations embroidered on it.

The Dish:

Looking for an alternative to the lacy white pillow for your Ring Bearer to carry? Many couples are having their Bearer carry a small ring dish.  This option is elegant and unexpected.  There are many wonderful versions on handmade by artisans that can customize your dish to fit perfectly with your other ceremony details.

The Book:

What could be more personal than carrying a book that is special to you as a couple? This idea is really versatile because you can choose a classic love story that mirrors your own, or a family heirloom – maybe your family Bible or a book of poems.


The Fishing Pole:

How sweet is this idea? Your ring bearer will look adorable carrying your rings dangling from a bamboo fishing pole. This one is perfect for a lakeside venue or even a nautical wedding, and can even work for a Flower girl too!


Image by Luminaire Foto,;


The Banner:

Your ring bearer’s suit has pockets so have him use them, – here is an idea that doesn’t involve the ring. Let your guests know that you will be walking the aisle momentarily – in writing. This unique banner could be customized in so many ways. You can use graphics from your wedding invitation, fabric that matches your brides maid’s dresses, or even have your florist wire a few blooms to the banner’s handles!


Mrs. Radish,

I hope you have enjoyed reading these ideas for your smallest attendants as much as I have enjoyed compiling them. Every couple has a style all their own, so remember that while wedding traditions can be lovely, there is no law that states you have to follow every one.  Let your style play a role in making your wedding perfect for you and your groom!

Thanks Sarah! These are fun ideas! I’ve also seen lanterns with moss in the bottom and rings tucked inside — another awesome idea!

‘Til Next Time…Keep Finding Your Special Touches!

Kati Hime, Editor





Rock the Dress!


*This column does not constitute medical or exercise advice.  Never begin a workout program without first consulting with your physician. Having a professional train you in the proper technique is also an important step.

Depending on what your wedding date is, your alteration schedule may not allow for a burst of weight loss at this point — but — even if that’s not the case, there are a few little workouts that are still great to work into your daily life!

One great place to work, even right up to your wedding day, is your arms.  A bit of tone to your arms and shoulders makes for that added zip to your appearance!  I’m not suggesting you hit the weights and become a body builder in a few short months — there are many easy exercises and inexpensive pieces of simple equipment that can make all the difference via just a few short minutes a day, from the comfort of your own home…

I discovered — for medicine ball workouts, check out:, where they have a great variety of different arm exercises.  Medicine balls are a handy exercise tool to use at home — they comes in a variety of weights and sizes, and they’re relatively inexpensive!  If you haven’t seen a medicine ball, here’s what they look like:

Fitter First medicine ball —

Here are some awesome youtube clips from that were created with a Certified Personal Trainer — using dumbbells!

This showcases tricep kick backs — awesome for that back of your arm, always a tough but important spot to work on…

Arm raises — great for the shoulders and front of the arms too, which really are showcased in a strapless dress!



Shoulder Press — a power house exercise!


Dips are an AWESOME tricep workout! When we were cheering at UW, dips were the power house exercise to aide in stunting. They have remained my personal favorite exercise! They do require a little work up from a beginning level, so don’t push it! This clip above and the following two are great:




Remember, this is not medical or workout advice. Always check with a physician before you begin any exercise, and get help to know that you’re doing the exercises correctly!  Make sure to combine exercise with a balanced, healthy diet and lots of water and rest to help maximize all that you do — including wedding planning!


‘Til Next Time…Go Rock that Dress!

Kati Hime, Editor




Beyond Cool Invitation Shared by Keith Turbitt’s Shutter-Vision in Cheyenne


Super long title for a short post. 🙂  Yesterday we shared some invitation trends for 2011, and asked to see some invitation ideas — Keith Turbitt’s Shutter-Vision in Cheyenne came through with an AWESOME one!  Check out this video — this is BEYOND cool:




OK, this is just way too cute!  We’re still hoping to see some of the invitations you Wyoming couples have planned for this year!  Email brides@wyomingweddingsonline,com or post on our Facebook page:

‘Til Next Time…We’d Love to see those Invitations!

Kati Hime, Editor




Invitations — Popular Themes for 2011!


Looking at some of the invitation trends for 2011 — as the summer weddings approach, invitations will be coming together and shipping out.  What did you pick for your invitations?  Did you go with one of these popular themes for the year, or perhaps a different idea?  We’d love to see what you’ve used — share on our Facebook page or email to — your selections could be featured in this blog!

Along with bright colors incorporated into elegant and fun designs, invitations host the same variety of elegant and whimsical themes this year.  Below, a few of the popular categories and samples from each…

First, a theme that I’ve adore since I first saw Embellish Productions in Laramie use it for their business materials….delish! Screams Audrey Hepburn…


Here’s another theme that I just find fascinating and fun — circus!


Royal Steamline


Another popular theme is silhouettes!  Very Victorian, and look at the ways you can incorporate it into the decor – -more than just invitations!


Top row:  Martha Stewart Weddings; Menu:  Artfool; Coasters:  Etsy name: Boriquaz


One more theme…one that we used ourselves, and I think it’s just timeless, much like silhouettes:  MONOGRAMS…


Designed by Pink Design Events:


This one I just adore because it’s lovely… 🙂

We would LOVE to see your invitation designs! And be sure to check our business directory page for a listing of Wyoming businesses that provide invitation services — we’ve got a brand new addition, Cowgirl Graphics in Cheyenne!  LINK HERE TO VISIT OUR BUSINESS DIRECTORY

‘Til Next Time…Keep Going and Treasuring these Moments! They will last a lifetime — and it will be a Wonderful Day!

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Thanks to H. Michael Roberts  of Roberts Imaging for providing us with this week’s engagement spotlight!  Kristin & Scott will be married June 11 in Sheridan — and these are another example of beautiful ways to incorporate western elements and snow into your engagement pictures! Talk about making colors pop — these are fantastic! You can just feel the love these two have for each other…

Congratulations Kristin & Scott! Thank you for sharing your exciting event with us!  And remember, if you want to register your engagement with us, just follow the link to our form — you can win some of our great merchandise gear at the end of May!

A couple more things — we now have a NEW domain name to use in addition to our original one, and we have added a new classified section!  Follow the links below…

New domain name: You can still use our original domain name, — they both go to us!

Classified section:  Do you have stuff to sell?  Looking for something? Submit your classified — it’s easy and it’s free! See our page for conditions:

‘Til Next Time…Keep sending us those amazing engagement shots!  Email us at!

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My kiddos and I were in Mountain Valley Bridal in Laramie the other day, enjoying the color selection in the dresses.  My oldest and I were very intrigued by PERSIMMON — another color that I for one was not very aware of!  Did a little research and discovered — persimmon is a HOT wedding color!

A persimmon is a fruit that is much like a tomato in size.  It can be called simply ‘orange’, of course, but I would argue that persimmon has a little more something to it than just straight orange…perhaps a brown undertone? Pink? Hmmm…well, if you have a thought what makes persimmon different from orange, I’d love to hear it!

Let’s explore persimmon by itself…


Persimmon is a really neat color! OK, now what to pair with it?  Here’s one option…a color that I for one am suspecting might just be a universal neutral — it pairs with darn near everything…

Chocolate brown…

As much as I don’t want to liken this to the kickin’ orange, gold & brown kitchen we removed from our 1972 home, I find this to be very cool and retro. I believe we can make peace with the 70’s color palette and interpret it into our modern living…just a theory… 🙂

Here’s a bright & sunshine-filled color to pair with persimmon…yellow…

Or slightly different, but from the same idea…a lime green…

not Neutral links reversible quilt,


Here’s my favorite though…persimmon and aqua…I love that it gives a hint of Hawaii…


J Press — Would this not make the most adorable bow tie on your ring bearer?!  Or, for a fun summer wedding with a touch of whimsy, your men’s attire…

What a FUN color! We discovered many dresses in this color at Mountain Valley Bridal in Laramie — talk about a unique choice!


‘Til Next Time…I really enjoy finding new colors to write about! Do you have a suggestion? Please share with us, we’d love to explore it!

Kati Hime, Editor




The Art of Registering — by Ashley White


Ashley White, our newlywed blogger, is back with a hilarious look at the art of registering…and why it’s okay to know exactly what YOU want…

Ashley & Gus White — Photo by Ardent Photography, Laramie

What they don’t tell you about registering is that you’re supposed to take the number of guests you’re inviting, multiply that by two, and register for that many things.

There we were, my then-fiancé Gus and I, kicked back in the sunken-in office just off the front doors of a home decor center; you know, the distinctly bride-friendly room, all frosted glass and scripty writing, an official-looking desk with a wall of expensive China behind it? And they’re all, “Hi, you need to register for at least 300 things.

I get that the whole idea behind registries is to ask for the things you need/want, but for seriously. I go directly for clearance racks, do not pass go, when I shop for 90% of the things that I bring home. And here we are in this mecca of overpriced dishware, where I’m supposed to find 300 things I absolutely cannot survive my first year of marriage without?
The towels there suck, so already we’re screwed.

Would you like to look at our luggage?

Our bridal consultant—a chipper girl, all business in her button-down—passes a binder across the table, filled with laminated pages of ugly luggage for us to page through while she enters our info into the computer.

If I’m getting luggage, it’s going to be fabulous; none of this blah-brown-boring nonsense.

How about the finer China?”

A recurring theme within our wedding planning seemed to be “Scandalizing the Nice Ladies Who Don’t Understand Why.” In the battle previous, we’d thoroughly horrified the Nice Lady at the jewelry store when we were pricing bands for my husband-to-be.

After I refused to be turned to dazzled putty by the array of over-blinged rings the saleslady kept parading past me, in between the bands for my then-almost-husband, she declared, Do you even have any idea what kind of wedding band you want?”

*raises left hand sparkler* “Just this one.”

But.. but you HAVE to have a BAND!”

I could see her mind melting as I shook my head no, confirming that, ohmygod guys, I was not going to have a wedding band.

Oh, the scandal.

And when we registered for wedding gifts mere months before our October wedding, the trend continued.

No, we’re really not fine China kind of people,” I’m telling our consultant.

And really, when I’m sitting there with a guy who has 2” holes in his earlobes… why are you assuming we want a side of fine China to go?

But what about in the future, like when you have family over for Thanksgiving?she presses.

They’ll be happy with whatever dishes we have around. I promise.”

Having successfully navigated through the treacherous forests of luggage & overpriced dishes, we were at last rewarded with the scanner; the coveted electronic, bestowing upon us the power to run madly through the store, beeping left and right at anything and everything that caught our fancy.

The first thing Gus scanned was me.

We started on the side of the store where the bathroom decor/bedding lives, as we were advised to do by our button-down friend because “the kitchen gadgets and stuff really tend to overwhelm people.”

The thing is, when you’re not that person who can look at a $25 bathroom trash can and think, “Oh, how affordable!”, registering is sort of a nightmare. I’m standing there, realizing that trash bags FOR aforementioned trash can are $15/pack, and thinking to myself, “This is sick, dude. I wouldn’t buy this for myself, so why would I more or less be asking other people to buy it for me?”
Meanwhile, Gus is losing his mind, scanning shower heads (two, for the record) and gleefully aiming the scanner at choice parts of my body every so often.

By the time we’d successfully made our way around the entire store—& for the record, homegirl was right… that kitchen gadget section? INTENSE—it had been ninety minutes and we were seriously exhausted. The original plan to continue our registry adventures at Target? Axed.

For serious, we had the most random assortment of things on there. Highlights included this really cute beverage dispenser (quoth the future husband, Won’t this be cool to put on our patio someday, when we have a patio?”), Twist hair towels, The Windshield Wonder (because you can’t deny its wonder; seriously, that’s COOL), something like 7 different candles (including one in the flavor of “Sparkle,” natch), a random set of $169 knives—oh, and quite possibly some Razzles, mini Toblerones, M&M’s and dark chocolate Raisinets. Because I was all *haha jokingly scans them* and then it actually worked. So I kept not-so-jokingly going.

(By the way; every single piece of candy we scanned? We got it for our wedding. Score.)

Final total for our registry? 113.
Number of times the future husband scanned me? 7.

Ashley, I seriously laughed out loud when I read this! Levi & I were remembering our own phone call from a shop where we had registered, asking ‘Are you SURE you want mismatched pottery?! You really should register for one style.’ I thought the same thing — ‘No, I like mismatched pottery thank you! One style would get boring!’ The scandal indeed! Thanks for sharing this — just part of why it’s important to speak up for yourself and what you want!

‘Til next time…Make it Your Dream!

Kati Hime, Editor