Thanks to Stephanie of Grateful Heart Photography in Rock Springs for sharing this spotlight with us! Here’s what Stephanie had to say about this sweet couple & their special day…

“This is Clay and Heidi! They were married May 25, 2013 at Lakeside Lodge in Pinedale, Wyoming. They didn’t have a bridal party — but since this was both their second marriage, they had their children on both sides sitting by their sides for hte ceremony. The bride’s two sons gave her away. All together, they are a family of nine! Clay has three children and heidi has six (she had quadruplets!). Big, loving family — and I have to say they were all wonderful children & very well mannered. They should be very proud parents! I really liked this family. They are living in Nebraska, but the bride is from Rock Springs. 

Services were provided by… Hair: Kelly at JAK’s Boutique, Pinedale; Flowers: Jacee at JAK’s Boutique, Pinedale; Catering:  Lakeside Lodge, Pinedale; Cake:  Diane Alexander, Old Wyoming Catering

Thanks again to Stephanie of Grateful Heart Photography in Rock Springs for providing this spotlight! CONGRATS to Clay & Heidi and best of luck to you and your sweet combined family! What a beautiful thing to see.


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WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Christian & Megan


Thanks to Brian of BHPimaging in Laramie for sending this absolutely breathtaking wedding!!! Christian & Megan were married in northern Wyoming, in an ‘epic’ day (so says Brian) that was filled with love and some VERY snazzy embellishments. But I’ll let these pictures do the talking, because they truly are AMAZING…

Here’s what Brian has to say about this sweet couple and his experience with them:

Christian & Megan are incredibly beautiful and the light was what I wish for every wedding. I also had a brilliant second shooter, a professional photographer in Montana. There is something about the first wedding of the wedding season that really gets me feeling like it’s summer.

When I met both of these lovebirds I was still in photo school. I sat next to Christian in a couple business classes and always really enjoy his company. Megan was that girl that showed up in photo classes and the teachers couldn’t help but rave about her work. I have since had the chance to get to know them both. They are full of love.

Christian and Megan continued dating through college and both moved to Cody, Wyoming after their respective graduations. Megan began diving deeper into the video world and producing outdoor recreation videos, all while keeping her edge sharp for shooting. Christian has found a love for ceramics. He has developed an incredibly genuine style, founded in his passion for rock climbing and the outdoors.  You can begin to see shades of Wyoming Granite in his work.

For their wedding, I was lucky enough to work with artists. These wedding stress me out more than any other… you are shooting for people with highly trained eyes, attention to detail, and a true understanding of what’s happening on my side of the camera.

Their day went so incredibly smooth, the kind of day a wedding photographer dreams of:  warm, hazy light, a beautiful couple that smiles every time they catch each other’s eyes, a shooting schedule that left a little bit of wiggle room, a great second shooter (Shanna Mae Swanson) and friends in front of your lens.

There are times that being a wedding photographer can start to feel less than glamorous. This wedding will be what I think of in those moments. This wedding was so full of special, unique moments. It wasn’t planned to some incredible extent, it was a party in honor of Christian and Megan’s love. It was a party for their friends and their families.

With that said, I’ll turn to BHP’s images from Christian & Megan’s wedding…they are so beautiful…


Thanks again to Brian of BHPimaging in Laramie for sending in this gorgeous wedding — CONGRATS to Christian & Megan, and you are one hip couple, I have to say… May your journeys take you to many more adventures!

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Thanks to Christine Kronz Photography of Cheyenne for sharing this wedding spotlight with us! The story below is written by George of Rock on Wheels in Cheyenne — a DJ & entertainment service that provides top-notch service and travels! I love this sweet story…

Myles’ and Sarah’s love story begins in August 2008. It was the first day of pharmacy school at the University of WY. Sarah sat in the first row and Myles sat in the second row on the opposite side of the room. Before long, Myles grew bored and began exploring the room and sizing up the competition. He noticed Sarah right away and thought, “HEY, THAT IS A CUTE GIRL THAT I NEED TO GET TO KNOW!!!”

Unfortunately, loss of confidence kept him from talking to Sarah. In fact they didn’t officially meet until a month or so into the semester. Sarah was running late to physiology lab class — by the time she made it to class there was only one person left to partner up with and that was MYLES!! Little did she know that Myles made sure that they were lab partners…he partnered everyone up and waited for Sarah to come in. This was when their worlds began to collide…

One day a mutual friend Maggie told Myles that she thought he would really hit it off with Sarah. He played it off, like “Sarah? Sarah who?” but he totally knew who Sarah was. From this point they were just lab partners — some flirting but no outside interaction. One day after lab, a mutual friend and Myles asked Sarah if she wanted to meet up with them and study. Myles knew from the first study session that Sarah was someone he was very interested in getting to know much better. 

Myles remembers feeling that Sarah was like no one he had ever met before. She was smart, fun, strong minded, well spoken, and BEAUTIFUL. Sarah made Myles laugh and spending time with her was easy as breathing. Well, almost!!! Myles was in constant tribulation. This relationship was somewhat complicated by Myles’ constant worrying. He worried about the what ifs?? What if he pursued Sarah and things went south? Oh, how would he make it through 4 long years of Pharmacy school with that kind of DRAMA?!

They shared their first kiss on Sarah’s 21st birthday. It was a complete shock when Sarah leaned in and stole a quick kiss. Myles was elated that Sarah was really into him and this is when he remembers knowing he was really falling for this girl. But Myles told Sarah he just couldn’t commit to being in a relationship. 

Before they knew it, a year of flirting and studying almost everyday had come and gone. Sarah had grown tired of waiting for Myles to change his mind about dating, so since they were parting ways for the summer, she decided to move on. They were apart for the entire summer, however Myles really turned up the heat and it was as if Sarah’s retracting fueled him to chase her.

They returned to school at the end of summer and Sarah continued to be disinterested in Myles despite his efforts. This chase continued until November of 2009 when their tension came to a head. Myles and Sarah met up at the football game following Sarah declining to go to breakfast with Myles that morning. Myles left the game early due to being grumpy — he was mad at the Pokes. Sarah remembers his horrible mood and contributed it to her not accepting his invitation to breakfast that morning. As Myles was leaving the game early at half time, Sarah invited him to her brother’s house for a post game party. Myles indeed showed up later and the two hung out the entire evening until Sarah needed to head to Cheyenne for plans with family in the morning.

Sarah called it a night and Myles gave her a ride to her  apartment. On the way, out of the blue, Sarah said, “Hey, look here buddy, I’m tired of your games. You are being stupid!! Are we dating or not?” He agreed to all the accusations full heartedly and in that moment, stopped at the stop light at 15th and Reynolds in Laramie, Myles realized that loving Sarah was worth the risk and has never once regretted the decision. He finally started listening to his heart. It was official, Sarah and Myles were D.A.T.I.N.G.!!!! (Finally……..)

It was about six months after starting to date that Sarah left for a Mexico trip for Spring Break. It was during that week away that Sarah really knew that she loved Myles. She couldn’t imagine her life without him. Sarah and Myles dated through the rest of pharmacy school and their love and respect for one another blossomed. Myles thought about marriage several times during that time but it never was right. He knew that they needed to finish school before heading down that road.

They graduated together in May 2012, a joyous and stressful time. Now for real life!! They both needed to become gainfully employed. At the last minute Sarah got a job at Walgreens and Myles had a job at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center. It was perfect, they would be able to stay together and Sarah knew that they would marry and be together forever.

The proposal….. It was November 2012 while flying back from Mexico that Myles realized that it was time to ask Sarah to be his wife. He went through his normal private inner dialogue, this time saying “What the hell am I waiting for? Marry this girl!!!” From the second he landed in Denver he immediately started making plans for the big proposal. Who would have known how hard some of the decisions would be? He finally found the perfect ring and decided to pop the question on New Years Eve. It would be perfect because New Years is an important holiday to both of them. He knew exactly when and how he would ask Sarah to marry him, but he still needed to ask Mark, Sarah’s father, for permission.

He finally had his opportunity one early morning before Mark and Julie, Sarah’s mom, were to leave to Thermopolis, where they are from. Myles stayed up all night thinking of the right words to say. Myles stood outside Mark’s door and when Mark stepped out he was greeted by a very nervous Myles. Mark was definitely shocked but said yes. 

With that out of the way, Myles continued working on his proposal. Sarah had no clue what was coming. She even said and I quote, “Man this New Years’s is gonna suck! We do not have any great plans”. They spent their New Year’s Eve playing poker at Sarah’s brother Dennis’s house and
were having a good time, but as the night progressed Myles started getting anxious and making math errors and other poker fumbles. Finally they left and had plans to pick up a bottle of champagne. Sarah just wanted to go home and stay with the puppies they were dog sitting, but Myles was persistent and Sarah finally agreed.

When they got there, Sarah wanted to stay in the truck because it was cold. Perfect Myles thought. He ran in and set up two signs that he had made that said Sarah, marry me!!!illuminated in Christmas light. Myles ran out to the truck and said he had something to show her. He made her close her eyes, and walked her into the backyard. He then got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Sarah was so surprised, she was speechless — but she found the words to say YES!!!! It could not have been more perfect. Sarah deserved a perfect proposal for all the years of waiting on Myles. They were engaged New Year’s Day 2013 and on April 27, 2013, Sarah and Myles became husband and wife, starting a new chapter of their love story.






















What Sarah Says About Myles:  Myles is the perfect man for me because he loves me unconditionally and he makes me a better woman. He is
handsome, funny, caring, and is so fun to be around. He can always put a smile on my face and make me laugh, and he truly is my best friend. I miss him when we are apart and every minute we are together is truly amazing. I can’t wait to share my life with him and have adventures. Through the good times and bad, I will forever love him.

These Words Are What Myles Wrote About Sarah:  I couldn’t asked for a better partner. Sarah makes me a better man. She makes me realize what is
important in life, and gives and fills me with so much love. Sarah is beautiful, sexy, smart, caring, funny, determined, a professional, a daughter of the Lord, and the most loving person in the world. Sarah doesn’t let a day go by that she does not show or tell me how much she loves me. She really has shown me what true love is. I can’t even explain how excited I am to be married to Sarah. I would not be the man I am today without her. She could have given up on me many times and no one would have blamed her. She stuck it out and I’m so blessed for that. I think about Sarah every second that I’m not with her, hoping that she is ok and surviving on the love I left her with. I count the seconds until we are back together. When I think about our future it just overwhelms me with joy. Our futures are so bright together. Sarah could not be a better fit for me. 

Thanks to Christine Kronz Photography of Cheyenne for sharing this wedding spotlight with us — and to George of Rock on Wheels of Cheyenne for the story! CONGRATS to this sweet couple…I feel like I know them after reading this story!

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