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I saw a suggestion for a mint wedding and thought….oooh, now there’s a color! A look at mint and some of its lovely running mates… — Jewelsalem

























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WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Karilynn & Mark’s Red White & Blue Bash


Thanks to Photography by Mike Roberts of Sheridan for sharing this wedding spotlight with us! Karilynn & Mark were married July 4, 2013 in Rock Springs in true patriotic fashion! Between the uniforms of those wedding party members who serve our great country (thank you!), and the awesome red, white & blue details, this is one wedding that is full of American pride. I also love the emotion in Karilynn & Mark’s faces, and WOW – what kid wouldn’t love to see a bouncy house at the wedding reception?! Brilliant! Scroll through to see more…

Thank you to Photography by Mike Roberts of Sheridan for sharing this beautiful wedding spotlight with us – -congrats to Karilynn & Mark!

FROM THE PROS: Planning Your Perfect Cake – from Sweets

Thanks to Jessica Romero of Sweets Cakes & Pastry in Laramie for this advice-packed guide on how to pick your perfect wedding cake — or maybe *dessert* is the best word…keep reading! Pics are from Sweets Cakes & Pastry and Liz’s Cakes, both of Laramie!

Planning your perfect wedding cake — tips to keep in mind when you’re making your choices:


#1 — Be inspired!

Don’t be limited by photos of cakes. Look at your wedding décor: flowers, venue, your dress, etc. What do you like? The colors? The structure? Vintage, modern, traditional, unique?

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creation

#2 — Have a budget in mind!

Simply put: cakes are expensive. A wedding cake can take well over 20 hours to prepare. Keep this in mind when picking your design. Fondant and sugar work requires specific tools and skills. You’d be surprised by what aspects of a cake are the most time consuming – often the smaller pieces that are overlooked.  Good rule of thumb:  more intricate – more money.  So speak with your cake designer about cutting costs — some ideas:  use real flowers instead of sugar flowers; pick an ornate topper, etc.  

If you have a number you are willing to spend, your designer can work with you to get you a cake you love.

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creation

#3 — Be flexible!

You may have an idea in your mind that is not ideal. For example:  a 4 ft tall, chocolate covered cake in August is not a good idea. If your designer tells you this is asking for a disaster, trust them. Work with them to find the best cake for your event. They probably know some things you didn’t think about.

If you don’t mesh with what they are comfortable designing, find someone who shares your vision. Cake design is an art and everyone has their own style. Most designers would much rather send you to another business than create a cake they aren’t comfortable doing.

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creations

#4 — Get creative!

You don’t like cake? No big deal. Many brides are turning to dessert tables, cookie bars, pies, cake pops, cupcakes, and more. Above all — don’t be limited by tradition. Plan for the dessert that fits you!

Check out these pics of cake pops from Liz’s Cakes in Laramie – what a fun twist!

Liz’s Cakes, Laramie creation

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creation

#5 — Think about your cake table!

Do you have a cake stand? A cake cutter? Forks? Linens? There are lots of personal designs available on etsy, and elsewhere online. Check out this idea on Etsy! Be sure to display your beautiful cake in a beautiful way!

Sweets Cakes & Pastry creation

#6 — Don’t wait until the last minute!

Cakes should be booked months in advanced. Many designers book weddings a year before. If you picked a popular wedding date make sure to get a hold of your designer early.

Thanks again to Sweets Cakes & Pastry in Laramie for this informative tip-filled guide to picking your wedding cake!




WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Meghan & Dan’s Lusk Shin Dig

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Thank you to Ardent Photography of Laramie for sharing this super fun western wedding with us! Meghan & Dan were married in a blaze of their style…and I’m totally digging it! Check out these shots – – I love Ardent’s attention to detail and emotion-capturing photography…here’s what Stephanie of Ardent has to say about their day…

Venue: Private Ranch/4-H Building – Lusk, WY

Dress: Mountain Valley Bridal – Laramie, WY

Floral: Fresh Flower Fantasy – Laramie, WY

Cake: Cakeworks – Cheyenne, WY

Photos: Ardent Photography – Laramie, WY

DJ: American Soundwave – Laramie, WY

There are traditions when it comes to weddings… While tradition definitely has its place we absolutely love clients who focus on making their day unique and special, a real reflection of who they are as a couple. We love weddings full of thoughtful little details as unique as the love that we are hired to photograph. When it comes to being unique, personal and about as untraditional as possible, Meghan and Dan have that down pat!

You might remember the awesome snowmobile engagement session we did with these two. Filled with snow, crazy jumps and bow hunting their photos were far from the normal engagement photos you can browse in our local paper. That is why we weren’t surprised when on their big day their personalities, likes and style shone right on through. We LOVE this wedding. Although Rick and I are self admittedly more of the city slicker type, seeing cowboy culture strewn throughout their decor, attire and atmosphere was an absolute pleasure to photograph. Highlights include their ‘Wyoming Whiskey’ cake, Meghan’s camo gown, the gorgeous way Ruth from Fresh Flower Fantasy incorporated antler sheds into the bouquet and of course who could forget Dan’s custom tux! Did I mention their gorgeous ceremony site which has been in their family for years? Ah I could go on and on but in this case I think it might be best to let their awesome photos do the talking.

PS: We dare you to try pulling off their ‘high five’ kiss… Now that is what you call awesome







































































































































































































































































Thanks again to Ardent Photography of Laramie for sharing this fabulous Lusk wedding! Congrats to Meghan & Dan – may you always live proud of your style!



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Thanks to David Huber Photography of Worland for sharing this spotlight with us! Derek & Kristi were married at Esterbrook, WY — a beautiful wedding locale — June 29, 2013. Both Kristi & Derek are from Douglas, which is near Esterbrook — what a great place for a wedding!

Thanks again to David Huber Photography of Worland for sharing Derek & Kristi’s day with us — beautiful wedding!


INSPIRATION: Just a little wedding wow…

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I love so many things that Ardent Photography in Laramie does…and on one of their ‘Wedding Wednesday Must-Do’ blog posts I saw this idea — must share!!! LOVE! Click on their linked name above to visit their blog post for more wedding love & inspiration…Ardent ROCKS!

This set of signs is available via Etsy…the bride & groom write a list of things that they love about each other, which is then converted into this misty-eye worthy bit of wedding decor…the picture is linked to the Etsy page…

This one was such a cute find…the flyer included details on the bride & groom so that when one is waiting for the wedding to start and ‘fighting boredom,’ they have you covered. They are so considerate!


found on via Pinterest


OK, so this isn’t flowers from Poppy’s Flowers in Downtown Laramie, but sometimes you just got to share something cute when the opportunity presents itself… Poppy’s also carries adorable clothes, and I have my eye on some scarves & candles down there…(can they make one of these for me with my Daisy dog on it?!)

And a little bit of inspiration from the fabulous Photography by Mike Roberts in Sheridan…this is from a very patriotic wedding held in Rock Springs July 4 — we’ll share more on this wedding, but had to share this pic — patriotic strawberries?! Fabulous and worthy any time of year, I say!