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Today’s topic comes from Pre.Veil Events in Cody, Wyoming. Mandy, owner of Pre.Veil Events, will be sharing her wisdom with us when it comes to planning your perfect wedding that fits your personality… Be sure to visit her online!

Today, Mandy’s discussing how to make your wedding the best for YOU — because that’s who this whole day is about! The two of YOU!

The question has been asked and you said “Yes”. From now until the day you say “I Do” you’ll receive an overload of advice on what your wedding should be.  There can be a lot of pressure to make sure that everyone around you is happy with the look and feel of the wedding. The most import thing is that you, as a couple, have the day you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t be afraid to add your personalities into the ceremony and reception. There are lots of fun and beautiful ways of making the day truly yours. Adding elements that are unique to you will be some of the most memorable parts of the day. It’s really trendy to add bright fun colors to your wedding palette. Roses are not for everyone, pick something you really love. And it doesn’t make a wedding any less flawless to walk down the aisle to something other than the wedding march. Each detail that is true to you will only enrich the day for you and your guests. Above all, don’t spend your entire engagement being stressed about your day. Enjoy yourself and have fun.

If time is an issue or just the idea of having to plan something makes you sweat. Remember that there are professionals who can help. Hiring a wedding planner can give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy being in love. A wedding planner can give you advice and ideas that help you share that unique love story.

Thanks Mandy! Communicating your own personal wants & needs as a couple to each other is essential — as is communicating with your parents, family, friends and wedding service professionals!  Be sure to tell them what you want — so that you get the wedding that suits YOU! It makes a wedding professional happy to see that you’re happy — so be sure to let them know what will get you to that point!

Until next time…keep up the communicating!

Kati Hime, Editor

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Play with Patterns — Make Your Flowers Sing!


Welcome to our blog! We have many experts — all from Wyoming! — chipping in their knowledge and expertise to help inform and inspire you along the path of wedding planning! Today, we’re featuring a new post by Sarah Merill, owner of SuiteBlooms in Cheyenne…Learn how to make your flowers pop using patterns — and be sure to visit her on Facebook! Be ready to meet more bloggers and columnists daily! We’re your daily inspiration and planning resource for all things WY — have you picked up our 2011 planning guide yet? It’s FREE and we will gladly mail you one! Contact us at !

Visit Sarah Merrill, leave comments and ask questions:

My latest obsession: Flowers with pattern!

One of the most visually effective elements of design is pattern, often because it adds a degree of contrast to a work of art or a room’s design scheme.  Consider the following example: Pinstripes can convey a sense of formality, whereas Polka Dots induce a whimsical, carefree spirit.

As a bride to be, you have probably already thought about your wedding colors, the overall feel, and the formality of your day – now let’s consider how pattern can impact your bouquets and floral designs!

Look carefully at a Stargazer Lily and you will notice that, in addition to having a pink center with a clean white edge, they are spotted with a deep burgundy.  Fox Gloves are another example of a speckled flower, but have a more relaxed feel.  Want something more exotic?  Vanda Orchids never fail to impress, thanks in part to their purple and white near-gingham print.  Opt for Lady Slipper Orchids for a crisp green pinstripe (bonus – most people have never seen one and will have to take a second look.)  Monkshood Flower has a more subtle pattern complimenting its rare hooded form.  Notice the deep blue violet vein running through their petals.  These are perfect to add visual interest to a centerpiece that people will have time to sit and enjoy.  The velvety frills of Cockscomb seem to squiggle endlessly like the doodles in your junior high school English notebook.  Even the seemingly commonplace Rose has some rare striped varieties.

An artistic florist can help you to think beyond your choice of wedding colors and season when selecting flowers.  Before I meet with a prospective couple, I tell them to bring their invitations and other details they want included in their special day, no matter how small. This gives me a concrete idea of their overall style and helps me to understand the feelings they hope to evoke on their wedding day. Then I can assist in reproducing these feelings in their floral décor. Often it is the small details that can be repeated to unify the entire day.

So as you plan, remember to give all your wedding vendors a complete picture of your wedding theme and style, and don‘t overlook pattern as an effective way to impress your guests and create a unique wedding experience.

Lady Slipper

Fox Glove



Striped Rose


This bouquet by Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms & Designs uses pattern to capture attention!

Thanks Sarah! Please be sure to visit our website to connect with other Wyoming wedding professionals!

Keep up the great work!

Kati Hime, Editor


Meet ERIKA — a Real WY Bride!


We continue introducing you to our new blog team with the addition of ERIKA, a real Wyoming bride!  Erika will be sharing her joys, stresses, advice and questions with all of us — think you’re alone in this process? Far from it! Want to share your experiences with Erika? Got questions or your own stories to relate on our blog? Contact us at!

Meet Erika! And thanks to Erika for sharing her experiences with us!

Hello!!  My name is Erika and coming this September I will finally marry my love, Nathan.  Our relationship will reach seven years a month before our wedding day.  Some quick facets:  Nathan’s brother is married to my local best friend; we worked at the same complex for two years before we started dating (different departments); and finally we’ve spent approximately four years as a long distance couple.  We’ve had a lot of ups, downs, lefts and rights during these last 6 ½ years, but one thing we actually agree on is that those times are what made our relationship as strong as it is today… and the reason we know it is the right time to wed.  Cue the ‘ahhh’.  Even though I didn’t think it was possible, Nathan found a way to surprise me at Christmas by proposing in front of my family (my grandmother LOVED it).  The even bigger surprise is that he gave me the iPad that came with his purchase at the jewelry store!  I’m nice enough to share with him. 🙂

Once the ring slid upon my finger, I was in full planning mode.  I’ve been thinking about, talking about and planning weddings for about ten years now.  Now that my own wedding is a reality, I’ve become highly indecisive with too many ideas.  Plus, since I’ve been talking about it for so long, the expectations for my wonderful wedding are Huge and I don’t want to disappoint!  I know, I know, it’s our wedding and it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, but I still want this wedding to scream Erika & Nathan!!

Because of this need to ‘show-off’ my faux wedding planning skills, we originally wanted our wedding in Salt Lake City.  We thought it would be more convenient for out of town guests, have more options for vendors and a bit more glamour.  After doing hours and hours of research online, we went to SLC to review these fabulous venues.  It was a quick trip because after a few moments at each site, nothing impressed us enough to expend the extra cost.  Plus, we’d have to cut down our massive guest list.  At the end of the day we took the advice of every wedding book I’ve ever read and reviewed our priorities.  For us, it is more important to include as many of our friends and family on this big day than to have a venue that means nothing to us.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the sites are wonderful and anyone is lucky to get married there.  They just wouldn’t fit our large families or personalities.  So now we are getting married at work!  Yep, we booked the wedding at the Sweetwater Events Complex in Rock Springs, where we first started our relationship.  Meaningful, holds a lot of people and a blank canvas for us to blast with bright colors!

I’m excited to share my planning experiences with anyone who reads.  I know I’m just a typical bride-to-be swarmed by wedding ideas and it’s going to be fun to muddle through this together!

Thanks Erika! If you’re also planning a Sweetwater County wedding, be sure to visit our upcoming Bridal Expo at the Homewood Suites in Rock Springs! Saturday, February 19, 12-4 and FREE for EVERYONE! Come pick up a planning guide, register for door prizes, SEE OUR FASHION SHOW AT 2 PM, and meet Wyoming wedding professionals excited to help YOU!

Til next time…keep up the planning! You’re doing GREAT!


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Your Weddings Colors — Looking for some INSPIRATION?

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We have been discussing WEDDING COLORS around here, and it made me think…what’s on Pantone’s list this year? Pantone is a fantastic place to explore color – and this year, they have named honeysuckle pink as their Color of the Year for 2011!

Want to experience honeysuckle? Click here for Pantone’s Press Release!

And here is another amazing blog — check out the color combos on this page!  My personal favorite is Tiffany blue, orange and pink! WOW! Talk about happiness + elegance personified! Bravo to “My Personal Artist!”

Looking for color inspiration goes beyond just your wedding — I’m trying to figure a way to work these three colors into my bedroom… (Hope my hubby agrees!) 🙂

Enjoy this COLORFUL time in your life!

Photo by Keith Turbitt’s Shutter-Vision, Cheyenne


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As we journey forward into our new online material for 2011, we’ll be introducing you to our new team — professionals and other experts who are here to inform, educate and inspire you through your planning process!  You want to learn and be inspired daily, right? We’re here to deliver! Find your INSPIRATION here…and find your ORGANIZATION through our 2011 planning guide! It’s FREE! Have you picked one up yet? Email and we’ll send you one for FREE!

But right now, I want to introduce you to Sarah Merrill…our new floral contributor…below, meet Sarah and why she is the perfect person to deliver your wedding inspiration! Find Sarah on Facebook at SuiteBlooms:!/pages/SuiteBlooms/272721623120?v=wall

Hi, my name is Sarah Merrill, and I am the owner of Suite Blooms & Designs, based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is an exciting privilege to be on the Wyoming Weddings blog team! For my first blog, I would like to tell you a little about myself, and how I came to be a wedding florist.

My fascination with flowers began when I was a small child growing up in a quaint home in Casper, Wyoming. My mother cultivated daisies, moss roses and most memorably holly hocks in our yard. I examined the way the daisies branched, and the way the seeds formed on the Holly Hocks after the plants had finished blooming. Little did I know that my fascination would grow into a life long passion.

When I was in high school, I took a part time job in a flower shop, and happily scrubbed buckets and answered phones just to be in the vicinity of the gorgeous blooms. I learned how to care for the flowers, and I was always watching to learn new techniques of flower arranging. After work, I would return home inspired and smelling of roses, freesia and stock flowers.

When I came to Cheyenne and began planning my own wedding, my obsession with flowers blossomed into a business plan. I knew that I had found an outlet for my passion. A few years have passed, but my dream has been realized! In January 2010, I opened a small wedding flower & décor business called Suite Blooms & Designs. Since then I have enjoyed creating unique arrangements for simple intimate ceremonies, elaborate formal weddings, and also for many lovely couples whose big day fell somewhere in between.

I am ecstatic for an already busy wedding season and am anxious to blog about my experiences, new ceremony and reception ideas, helpful hints, and floral trends that I discover along the way.

Welcome Sarah!

Keep finding your inspiration!  Visit our website!


Kati Hime, Editor

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CALLING ALL WYOMING WEDDING BRIDES!!! We want to hear from you! We’re looking for the most unique wedding colors in Wyoming — think yours might be it? Send us your colors (including photos if at all possible!) and we’ll put it up to a vote! Check our social media (links below!) for more info and to vote! Submit your colors by February 28, 8 PM MST! Send your color submissions to !



This photo comes from Pre.Veil Events in Cody — check out these cheery colors!  To learn more about Pre.Veil, check them out on Facebook:!/group.php?gid=242361218956

And online at:

We’re excited to work with AWESOME Wyoming planners!  Pre.Veil Events, Embellish Productions ( ) , and PlanIt! (

And for the winners?  We’ve got a set of great WY Weddings apparel coming to the bride & groom who win!

Keep checking our website and this blog for regular posts on tips, trends and more! We are YOUR Wyoming wedding resource — 100% Created in WYOMING FOR WYOMING!  We’ve got new online material coming up … it’ll blow your mind! 🙂

‘Til Next Time — Keep those Beautiful Colors in Mind!


Kati Hime, Owner & Editor

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WYO Wine for your Wedding?

When you’re considering something fun for your centerpiece, gifts, even favors … consider giving a beautiful bottle of wine with your own custom label!  We have some fantastic wine makers in Wyoming, and it’s worth a call to see what they have to offer! Can they offer special labels or a service to make your wedding wine unique?

One of our partners is Table Mountain Vineyards, located in Huntley, Wyoming.  Patrick takes pride in his work and enjoys supporting all things Wyoming — give him a call or shoot him an email to see how you can include Wyoming wine in YOUR event!  307-459-0233

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Image by Ardent Photography, Laramie

As we expand our coverage and features, we’re bringing you a blog that will be packed with interesting tidbits, tips, trends, and of course, ADVICE, all from people in the know. And who more ‘in the know’ than someone who’s been there recently?! Your best wedding advice resource is quite probably that person who has just gone through it herself. Her memories are fresh and vivid, and she has a great deal of passion in sharing her day – and helping yours be wonderful!

So please help me in welcoming Mrs. Ashley White, our lovely recent bride who is bringing you her dew drops of wisdom. Ashley will be contributing to this blog, as well as our upcoming material, regularly — so keep checking back! We’ll let you know when we have new posts available on our social media — Facebook and Twitter — so come follow us and join in on the action! (Links on the home page!) Got questions for Ashley? Email us at, or post them on our social media!

Without any further ado, here’s Ashley…

On October 10th, 2010—my hair a tumbling mess of curls, the room around me sparkling with candlelight—I walked down the aisle of the Atlas Theatre in Cheyenne, crossing the threshold from “engaged” to “married” with a pair of glitter-dunked flats on my feet.

Eleven months prior, I was newly engaged, left hand all a-dazzle, and had absolutely no idea how to plan a wedding. All I knew was (1) the words “fiancé” and “fiancée” were incredibly weird, and using them made me feel like I was referring to my betrothed as some sort of exotic food; (2) my left hand had never before been as stared at or grabbed for by people I barely knew as it was in those first few months post-engagement; and (3) OMG GUYS I’M GETTING MARRIED I’M GETTING MARRIED OMG.

To start things off—hi, I’m Ashley! Born and raised in Cheyenne, I’m living the newlywed life with my husband Gus (and still dorking out every time I get to refer to him as such; “husband” is my new favorite word) and still trying to perfect my new signature. He’s a mechanic, I’m a copywriter, and we celebrated 11 years together just four days before we got married. (Yes, seriously. People always ask if we’ve been together “since, like, preschool,” and it takes them by surprise when I tell them we actually have a picture of us, together, from preschool. True story. It’s hanging in our living room.)

The first time Gus asked me out, I was 13 and he was 14; knelt down in front of me—untying my shoe, as per his usual manner of flirting— he boldly asked, “Would you go out with me?” My shoe still his captor, and an impish spirit coursing through my veins, I sassily replied, “What happens if I say yes?”


Without missing a beat, as though we’d rehearsed it a thousand times, he answered, “Then I’ll love you forever.”


Fast-forward to November 30th, 2009, and we were back in the same place we began; me, feet dangling from a stool in the woodshop classroom at our junior high school, and my husband to be, bent down on one knee in front of me with a diamond ring in one hand.

From picking the perfect vendors, to finding THE dress, down to the random family drama and tackling DIY projects…. I’ve been there. And now that I’m smack dab in the middle of life as a newlywed, I’ve also got plenty to say about the epic process of changing my name, finding a home for all our wedding gifts, writing thank-you cards until my hand’s about ready to fall off… like I said, I’ve got no shortage of topics to touch on, and I’m excited to get to know you all as we commiserate, trade tips and share stories.

Seriously, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a talker by nature, and I would absolutely LOVE to hear about your wedding plans, help answer questions, see pics of your dream dresses… what’s Wyoming Weddings if not a place to settle in, kick back your feet and celebrate this gorgeous time in your life?

SO looking forward to getting to know everyone!

– Ashley White

Wyoming Weddings + the Outdoors…a Match Made in Heaven?

Wyoming has some of the most beautiful scenery — we can all agree upon that. Majestic mountains, gurgling rivers and streams, wildlife…and an endless sea of green in the summer, and golden brown in the fall. TRULY a sight to behold — and obviously we’re not the only people who think so, as Wyoming scenery is one of the most photographed subjects in the country.


Who wouldn’t want to stage their wedding in such glory and splendor?! First off, think of all the decorations you don’t have to spend money on — there is already plenty to look at! Adding in natural elements such as wildflowers and embellishments that pick up on the colors of nature make the transition between ceremony, reception and the outdoors seamless. The possibilities are endless!


The flip side of an outdoor wedding is that while the elements are beautiful and fun, they are still…the elements. Wyoming is well-known for its wind — which can sometimes bring havoc upon the most beautifully decorated reception tables. Candles can be extinguished, and perfectly sprayed hair can be blown — music can even be carried away from the ceremony site. The Wyoming summer afternoons can usher in terrific prairie thunderstorms, which can build and strike at any moment.


I know what you’re thinking — is all hope lost?! NO!!! People have beautiful Wyoming weddings outdoors every year — they just plan strategically. Make sure that for every plan you make, you form a Plan B — Do you have an indoor location available on stand by? Should you consider a tent? (Make sure to ask how they manage the wind — several companies have dealt with Wyoming winds and know just what to do!)


Be willing to negotiate your plans: Perhaps an outdoor chapel (such as the one at Esterbrook) exists nearby, where you can enjoy a beautiful ceremony and take pictures outside. A thunderstorm opens up in the afternoon? Many times, our storms pass quickly — be prepared to push back your schedule if need be. Make sure, though, to establish this with your vendors, so that you know what to do for the rest of your day if this occurs. Or, research venues that offer both indoor and outdoor facilities — several resorts in Wyoming have this capability. One such wedding took place at Snowy Range Ski Area’s lodge: the wedding ceremony was enjoyed on the massive patio, overlooking the Little Laramie River…the ceremony area was then converted to outdoor seating for the reception, and the crowd flowed easily from indoor to outdoor as they mingled, danced and ate. The bonus — a moose casually sauntered out of the woods to drink at the river during the ceremony!


Moral of the story: Wyoming is a beautiful state, full of majesty and priceless wedding opportunities. Be aware that with this majesty comes the elements of nature, and be prepared — plan ahead and have your back up plans in place. In the chance that something happens, you’ll be ready — and able to enjoy your day, no matter what happens!


‘Til next time — Keep making those beautiful Wyoming wedding memories!


Kati Hime, Editor


Twitter: wyoweddings