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White Pine Resort

White Pine Resort is a gorgeous location for your wedding just 10 miles outside Pinedale, WY. A winter ski resort but in the summer transforms into 350 gorgeous acres of green, wild flowers and trees set at the base of Fortification Mountain in the Wind River range. We allow brides to choose the location on the mountain for your wedding; beside the pond with the trout jumping is breathtaking.  Arrive on horseback, carriage or by any means that you choose. For 2017 summer, we have availability in June, July, September and October.


Ask us to send you our wedding menu ideas or simply tell us exactly what you have in mind. Our chef will be keen to meet with you to cater for any of your guests’ food allergies.  We have meal options to cater to every budget.  Share your color theme with us and we will order napkins to compliment. We invite brides to come and help decorate the dining room by providing table centers, tulle and fairy lights adding your own personal touches.


Our chef is happy to make your wedding cake, cup cakes, cake pops or brownies and sweet bites. Ask to see our cake options which will guide you through your cake design.


We have a full Wyoming Liquor license and offer everything from a cash bar  to an open bar. We are happy to order in your favorite beers, wine or champagne.


We have lots of accommodation options for you and your guests.  From stunning mountainside cabins, RV parking, Tipis, Tents with beds and bedding as well as places for guests to erect their own tents.

Local Vendors

We are happy to share with you information on other local vendors to help with your wedding planning.


WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Kali & Kord’s 4th of July Wedding

Thanks to Charity & Ricky  for sharing Kali & Kord’s beautiful 4th of July wedding in Cheyenne! Kali is a bride after my own <3, with LOTS of DIY elements in the flowers & American-inspired decor! The Big Day was held at Kali’s parents’ home, and a friend provided the cake & food. LOVE it – what a great way to celebrate a beautiful story…

I have to also share Kali’s story of Kord’s proposal… See if it gives you the response I had…

“We actually met at Kord’s brother Brandon’s wedding. Brandon married my best friend Sara, I was a bridesmaid and Kord was the best man. Kord’s proposal was soo funny! He had planned a romantic date at the Melting Pot, and as we were getting seated the host said, “So I hear we are here to celebrate an engagement!!!” Kord was furious because his surprise was ruined. I simply replied, “Well we are now!!” Both of us cracked up laughing. It ended up working out, because it took the stress of Kord and it was hilarious because nothing is very serious with us.” 

(And for those who will appreciate this last part, as I did … the Melting Pot did make up for the mistake by paying for their meal that night and giving the couple a healthy gift card…)

Check out these lovely details, patriotic decor & emotional images captured by Charity & Ricky


John & Amber’s Thermopolis Fairytale – by Beartooth Photography

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Sheridan Bridal Expo — TBA!


For booth information on any of these shows, please shoot us a line at editor@wyolifestyle.com!


Thanks to Beartooth Photography of Casper for sharing this really magical wedding with us…

Check out these pictures and I bet you’re gonna agree, ‘magical’ is the word to describe John & Amber’s day… The two were married July 12, 2014 in Thermop, with lots of unique details (how the heck did they secure those china pieces to that sign?!) that are definitely magical. And I literally said ‘Wow’ out loud when I saw these pictures. VERY cool details. Congrats John & Amber, and thanks Beartooth Photography!

WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Cyndi & Dave’s Red Butte Ranch Wedding

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We’re so excited to spotlight this wedding from David Chilcott Photography in Sheridan! Cyndi & Dave were married August 31, 2013 at Red Butte Ranch near Casper. I love the deep plum of these dresses, the little splash of cowgirl, some adorable lanterns (what a great idea!) and a gorgeous sunset…


Downpour Wedding

Thanks to Tara of Blushing Crow Studio in Pinedale for sharing this beautiful – and soggy – wedding from Fort Williams Guest Ranch. While Shaunna & Riley’s September 14, 2013 event had a *little* water added, I LOVED the smiles, the laughs, the way that they carried on like this was exactly the plan…the perfect day that these two created with lots of personality. Congrats to these two – what a lovely example on the art of getting married and loving the day no matter what happens! (And I have to add – I believe it was a little ironic that fishing seemed to be a running theme…just sayin’…AND I want Shaunna’s shoes, and am in LOVE with her butterly bouquet. Just sayin’ that too.)


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I LOVE with this wedding by Julli Anna Photography of Riverton! Betsy & David enjoyed a beautiful wedding in the Jackson, Wyoming area, and I love the details that Julli captured… be sure to check her out — click on her name in the line above to be connected! 

Thanks again to Julli Anna Photography of Riverton for sharing this beautiful Jackson wedding – and CONGRATS to Betsy & David! Many blessings to you both!


ENGAGEMENT SPOTLIGHT: Tyler & Sarah’s Fall Sheridan Engagement

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Thanks to Tim Doolin Photography of Sheridan for sharing Tyler & Sarah’s engagement shoot! This is a sweet series of fun & emotional shots…I’m excited to see their wedding shoot!

Thanks again to Tim Doolin Photography of Sheridan – and congrats to Tyler & Sarah! Best wishes to you as you journey into your new lives together!


WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: Lisa & Kelly’s Black Hills Border Wedding

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Many of our Northeast Wyoming residents will attest to the beauty of Wyoming’s Black Hills, which also spread up into South Dakota… and many residents of both states journey back & forth across the border to enjoy that beauty. In that spirit, we’re excited to share Lisa & Kelly’s Black Hills wedding (held September 28, 2013) from Abbydell Photography — held ‘on the border,’ as Abbysays. Abby gives us the lowdown on the highlights from this beautiful day… “Fall wedding, perfect weather, ombre bridesmaid dresses, mason jars, candlelight reception with pumpkin pie & cider, blue stitching of initials on inside of bride’s dress and inside of groom’s tie for ‘something blue’…succulents & berries in the bouquet, parting gift of honey from a local beehive… LOTS of personal touches throughout the wedding day.”

I agree, this is fabulous!

Thanks again to Abby of Abbydell Photography for sharing this beautiful, WY + SD wedding day. Congrats to Kelly & Lisa, and much luck to you on your new journey! I bet it will be filled with many personal touches, just like your wedding day…


COLOR INSPIRATION: Sage (without returning to 1999)

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Taking a look at a popular late 90’s/early 00’s color that can be beautiful…without feeling like a bad retro trip! That color is sage green — I was in two weddings where this was the predominant color at that time, and saw MANY weddings with this color come through the flower shop I worked at in college. It became one of the top wedding colors, and still is a beautiful choice – but how to make it seem classy and not a bad throw back to 13 years ago? The big thing about colors in the 90’s and early 00’s was the use of saturated color — one main color with the secondary color being more of a small accent. For example, sage green dresses, perfectly matched shoes, ribbons, tux elements, etc. Switch it up – pick another strong color that can come through in heavy doses, balancing out the sage green and making it feel like a team player rather than a sole performer. For example, a deep purple paired with sage gives a feeling of richness which suggests elegance. This can pair perfectly to give weight to an outdoor Wyoming summer wedding, *or* utilize it with doses of gold or silver for a dropdead gorgeous winter wedding palette! Another color is coral — this makes sage green become fun and flirty. Perfect with a cocktail length coral dress for an outdoor summer wedding, or a spring wedding to bring a brightness to the room. You can also pair sage green with silver for an instantly cool feel – would be beautiful with long-sleeved gowns, white Christmas lights or candlelight to bring back an element of warmth, and a modern design to your decor. Tres chic, and so versatile!

I’m a Better Homes & Gardens addict, and their paint feature on green this month touched on this. They advised that pairing sage green with a crisp white makes it feel preppy & beachy; pair it with an ivory (and perhaps even switch to a deeper hue of green) to lend depth and elegance and create the feeling of a Southern manor home. Think ivory roses with deep green leaves & stems… Lovely again for a winter wedding, or a beautiful candlelight event.

Below are some inspiration points we’ve scoured from here and there to inspire you. Don’t be afraid of ‘outdated’ colors – think of new ways to use them, and you’ll never be accused of pulling a Marty McFly move at your wedding!


















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Emerson Bindery on Etsy




LADog Store on Etsy

















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Thanks to our friend Lacee Sims of Leather-n-Lace Photography in Evanston for sharing this spotlight with us! Here’s what Lacee has to say about this sweet couple…

“Pat & Rebeka met in 2011 at their mutual place of employment and sparks flew but not good ones! It was definitely not love at first sight, but Pat was sweet & persistent and finally won Beka’s heart over. After two years of dating they were married at the Purple Sage Golf Course in Evanston, Wyoming on August 31, 2013. They will continue to make their home here in Evanston. It was a beautiful storm cloud-filled day & the wind/rain that this end of the state needed so badly held out until after the ceremony & photography. A special thanks to my photographer friend Tammy for shooting second on this wedding.”

Thanks again to Lacee Sims of Leather-n-Lace Photography in Evanston for sharing this spotlight! Pat & Rebeka, my husband & I started out with bad sparks flying too – and we’re over 22 years together now! Don’t worry, it only helps to make everything stronger – the arguments better, LOL – and the makeup twice as sweet! Best of luck to you both!

Would you like to see your wedding or engagement spotlight on our blog? 


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Thanks to Lacey Dippold Photography of Cheyenne for sharing this fun wedding! Brittany & Joe and were married at the Horse Creek Cattle Company in Cheyenne on September 21st, 2013. Talk about a beautiful venue! Love these pics – including a boudoir wedding gift reveal to the groom… Thanks Lacey!
































































































































































































































































































































































Thanks again to Lacey Dippold Photography of Cheyenne for sharing this wedding – and congrats to Brittany & Joe!


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Thanks to David Huber Photography of Worland for sharing this spotlight with us! Derek & Kristi were married at Esterbrook, WY — a beautiful wedding locale — June 29, 2013. Both Kristi & Derek are from Douglas, which is near Esterbrook — what a great place for a wedding!

Thanks again to David Huber Photography of Worland for sharing Derek & Kristi’s day with us — beautiful wedding!