Thanks to Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne for today’s blog post!  Sarah provides us with the best inspiration, whether it be for floral design or tips for your wedding day.  Today she’s here to offer you some unique and creative ways to personalize your bouquet!  Personalization has been a popular wedding trend for ages — from monograms to silhouettes, using your new name, blend of names, cultural influence and even your own likeness can make your wedding 100% yours.  Read on to find more ways to incorporate this timeless trend…

For many brides, the bouquet that they carry on their wedding day is much more than just a handful of blooms.  In fact, for many brides, their bouquet is largely sentimental.  Carrying the scent of a bouquet that includes Jasmine could evoke the smell of your mother’s perfume, or perhaps you will choose a bouquet that includes the flowers that your grandmother grew in her garden.  What ever bouquet you choose, don’t overlook the details that will make this bouquet – the most meaningful of your life – all the more unique & special to you.










Bouquet jewelry is becoming hugely popular with brides this year, and no wonder – it can add some sparkle and glam to any bouquet.  You can find simple rhinestone picks in a variety of gemstone colors, flower shaped rhinestone picks to peek out between your blooms, initials to show off your new monogram & a variety of buckles to have incorporated into your bouquets handle.














This oh so elegant bouquet holder dates back to the 1700’s and is called a Tussie-Mussie. It’s perfect for the bridal party that wants a small, lightweight bouquet with a formal feel.   Search on eBay to find an antique, or if you prefer new ones talk to your florist about providing them for you.














Looking to add a little 1930’s sophistication to your  bouquet?  These white ostrich feathers will add the perfect touch to achieve that fringed feel.  Want to add a rustic charm to your bouquet?  Think Pheasant Plumes.  Or maybe a little Las Vegas show girl glam is the look you’re after?  Layers of brightly colored ostrich drabs will add loads of drama.  Feathers are an inexpensive way to dress up even a simple bouquet while adding a dash of the unexpected.

















If you are looking for a great way to make your bouquet stand out, than consider using an unusual fabric to wrap your stems.  Getting married in a rustic setting?  Consider asking your florist to wrap your bouquet in raffia, twine, leather, or thin rope!  Looking for something a bit more sophisticated?  Try velvet, embroidered ribbon, or pearls!  Incorporating fabric from your mother’s wedding dress could be the touch that makes your bouquet.  This bouquet of Vanda Orchids, Spray Roses, Calla Lilies, & Billy Balls is wrapped in a scrap of lace and a satin ribbon.







The ocean is a place full of joyful memories for couples all over the world, which makes it a great source of inspiration for many couples on their wedding day.  This bouquet features a variety of pastel roses, and is accented with seashells and starfish.

This elegant bouquet of Mini Calla Lilies was given a refined sparkle when each stamen was studded with a faceted lavender Czech bead and pearl.  After the wedding, the bride can simply remove the beads and string them together to create a necklace that has a unique story.








 Image by Kio Kreations

This simple bouquet of white roses is personalized by wrapping the stems in a monogrammed handkerchief edged in glass beads.  The lovely handkerchief will forever be a keepsake from your wedding bouquet long after the blooms have wilted and died.















Image by Neysa Ruhl Photography,

This bouquet highlights a very special way to celebrate the love of past generations.  The bride provided photos of her grandparents to her florist who shrunk the pictures & hung them from her bouquet.  What better way could one say thank you to the family that has paved the way and taught her how to love?







This bride is carrying a simple bouquet of succulents and flowers as an addition to her family Bible.  This tradition was common during our grandparents time – and what could be more sentimental than carrying an heirloom that goes beyond 66 books and a leather cover.  This book has been the basis of many of those marriages, and this is a beautiful way to honor your history.

Thanks Sarah for a really interesting article!  Sarah Merrill at SuiteBlooms in Cheyenne provides us with fabulous inspiration — connect with them on Facebook or their website,!

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Thanks to Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne for the newest addition to her blog series!  I appreciate Sarah’s real-world approach to wedding floral design and advice — this is another gem! Thanks Sarah!

Price Line Guide:

*          = $100 – $149

**        = $150 – $199

***      = $200 – $249

****    = $250 – $299

*****  = $300 +

Price line guide is only an approximation.  Actual costs will vary with different regions and seasons.

Comparison # 1: Pink Hand Tied






Price: ****

This beautiful mix of color, pattern and texture is created using Phaleonopsis & Cattleya Orchids, Sweet William, Cocks Comb, Gomphrenia, Ti Leaves, and feathers.  This arrangement’s expense would stem from the high cost of its main flowers – the orchids.  Additionally, orchids grow with several blooms on one long stalk and therefore do not have stems long enough to reach the handle of the bouquet.  Each bloom must be wired into the arrangement by hand, which is time consuming and labor intensive.  The charge for the labor is then passed on to the client resulting in an almost shocking price tag.







Price: **

This sweet bouquet is much simpler than its more expensive counterpart.  However, notice that the colors are similar, and this one is also rich in pattern and texture.  The white Sedum in this grouping has a similar affect as the Sweet William in the other.  It creates the balance between large focal flowers, and simple supporting flowers.  Zinnias provide an intricate pattern with their unique layers of petals, and the deep pink roses add elegance.  The price here is kept down by limiting the selection of flowers to three.  These flowers are also available to your florist from growers that are close to Wyoming, which cuts down on the cost of shipping them in.  Choosing flowers that are in season and from local or nearby growers is both economically smart and environmentally friendly.







Price: *****

A classic all white bouquet… kept simple with just two beautiful types of flowers.  Many people have fallen in love with the bouquet that Princess Kate carried at her wedding to Prince William just weeks ago.  Her bouquet was mainly Lily of the Valley, and she took her style cue from Hollywood icon (and Princess) Grace Kelly.  Although this bouquet of Lily of the Valley and Gardenias looks simple, be assured that the accompanying price tag is not.  Here are a few reasons why:  Lilly of the Valley is one of the highest priced wedding flowers due to the care and attention required in growing and in caring for them.  Its growing season is very short, usually only available in May.  Gardenias are also very expensive flowers.  They require warm weather and a large amount of attention.





Price: *

This bouquet of Baby’s Breath and Freesia is comparably beautiful, simple and is richly fragrant like the Gardenias in the previous bouquet, but this one will not break the bank.  The flowers on the Baby’s Breath are white and delicate like handmade lace.  These are often overlooked as a filler flower; recently however, they have gained attention as a flower to use by themselves en masse or as a collar or border for a main flower.  The Freesia is a heavenly scented flower that has a unique growing flower budding pattern – growing up one side of the stalk and curving from medium sized open blooms to tiny unopened buds.







Price: ****

A Bright Yellow Calla Lily & Orchid bouquet is given a unique spicy feel with Navy Peppers, and is finished with Yellow Ranunculus, Silver Brunia, Tiny Yellow Chrysanthemums, Dusty Miller and Fiddlehead Ferns.  Its main cost comes from the Cymbidium Orchids, and the Callas.  These pricey blooms are the main flowers, and give this bouquet its size.  Additionally, the large number of different fillers add to the cost.








Price: **

This bouquet is a bit smaller, and a bit simpler, but offers the same color palette and feel.  Notice that the Calla lilies are in this bouquet as well, but the main flower is a bright yellow tulip.  Tulips are an inexpensive option throughout a large portion of the year.  The fillers have also been simplified by limiting them to the Peppers & the Dusty Miller.


Thanks Sarah for a great column!  Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne is a great resource — we appreciate her contributions!


Kati Hime, Editor

*Opinions expressed in guest columns are not the opinion of Wyoming Weddings, LLC.




FROM SARAH MERRILL: Bright, Bold Bouquets!


Thanks to Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne for today’s blog!  Sarah’s discussing the use of bright, bold colors in your bouquets, and she found some beautiful examples to illustrate their effect…see under the picture for Sarah’s explanation of flower types and color interaction.  Thanks Sarah!













Brides that are looking for a Moroccan feel will love this vibrant textural bouquet that features Tulips, Gloriosa Lilies, & Nerines.


















The soft, feminine – country bouquet is achieved using Lisianthus & Freesia.


















Choosing to feature Roses in your bridal bouquet is a no-brainer because they are available year round & in so many colors.  In fact, they remain the most popular wedding flower.  That having been said, you can use Roses and still have a unique bouquet… This one shows off deep pink Roses, incorporates Spray Roses to vary the bloom size, and pairs them with Wax Flower.












The tropical feel in orange and green were no mistake in this bouquet.  Its creator picked Protea as a focal flower and grouped it with green Hellebores, orange Ranunculus, orange Roses, velvety Cockscomb & Ornithogalum to create a stunning bouquet.

















Having trouble deciding on a color scheme?  Talk to your florist about combining several colors in your bouquet.  The resulting look is like a treasure chest full of gemstones!  The key is repetition of each boom throughout the bouquet.  Pictured here are cream, pink & orange Roses, fuchsia Dahlias, green Cymbidium Orchids, mango Calla Lilies, Hypericum Berries & blue Hydrangeas.


















A mass of purple Lisianthus flowers accented with Anemones & wrapped with a polka-dot ribbon creates this modern yet soft bouquet.














This girly pink bouquet of light and dark pink Roses & pink Calla Lilies gets a dose of whimsy with its lime green Alchemilla.











Source:; photo by Cameron Ingalls, Inc.

A citrus color palette bouquet is perfect for your beach ceremony when it is made up of orange Roses, Spray Roses & yellow and green Cymbidium Orchids.











Source:; photo by Glen Abog Photography

This bouquet is the ultimate ray of sunshine.  Simplicity is the key to this look, comprised of yellow Calla Lilies & Yellow Cymbidium Orchids.


Thanks Sarah! Remember to visit Sarah Merrill’s Suite Blooms in Cheyenne for more information — she does a fabulous job!
‘Til Next Time…I love Sarah’s blogs!
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Sarah’s Top Wedding Tips — THE WEDDING DAY


Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms is back with another set of wedding tips! Take it from someone who’s been there… Thanks Sarah for these great little nuggets of wisdom!

TIP: Eat something. You are nervous, pressed for time, and have to look PERFECT, so it would make sense to skip breakfast and or lunch – right? Well maybe not. Your mind isn’t clear when you are hungry – so you are more likely to forget something – like your vows. Additionally, being hungry can make you grouchy and more prone to be impatient with your friends and family. Plan ahead and pack something simple, fresh, and healthy that will give you energy but will avoid making you feel too full.

Know you won’t have time to sit down for a meal? Think ahead and freeze some grapes, hard boil a couple eggs, and pack an energy bar. These will be quick and easy to eat while on your way to your hair appointment. Photo from

TIP: Each time a photo is about to be taken, think about something that you are truly happy about. Your photographer will probably be reminding you “Smile! You are getting married today!” But with the tight schedule, the last minute worries, and the pain your shoes are causing, a smile may not come naturally. Make a mental list of a few things that make you smile every time. Maybe it’s how proud you are of your little sister’s accomplishments in school, or an inside joke that resulted from a crazy night out with friends. Just relax – your joy will show through.

TIP: Hold your bouquet low as you walk down the aisle, and during photographs. Many brides and bridesmaids tend to carry their bouquet too high. When you hold your bouquet with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle, you hide both the embellishment on your dress and your great figure! Carrying your bouquet as low as you comfortably can will show off your waist, your dress, and will flatter your figure. Here’s a tip: aim to keep it no higher than the level of your belly button.

This bride has her arms relaxed, which makes her whole silhouette flow beautifully. Photo from

The posture of this bride gives off a nervous and stiff feeling. Photo from

TIP: Take time to enjoy the day. You have heard the saying “Stop and smell the roses.” Your wedding day will be a blur and when it is over, you will only have memories and photographs. So take the time to create the memories. Dance with your grandfather. Spend a moment giggling with your flower girl. And take a few private moments with your groom to just enjoy being Mr. & Mrs.

TIP: Don’t overindulge. Whether you are the a glass of champagne type, or a Coors Light girl, take it easy on your wedding day. You’ve spent your life dreaming of this day and you will want to remember it, instead of waking up with a pounding headache and no idea why your dress is ripped or worse.

This photo speaks for itself. Photo from

TIP: Relax. All the planning is over, and when you look back at this day you will remember the special moments, the smell of the flowers, and the most amazing butter cream ever – unless you stress out about a minor detail that isn’t perfect. A few deep breaths will help you calm down, and can help you avoid acting like the bridezilla that you swore you wouldn’t become.

Yes, wedding planning is stressful, but don’t let it get to you like this. Photo from

TIP: Last week I threw in a tip from my experience as a bride, and this week I have one more for you. Keep track of your purse and cell phone. My new husband and I were back at my apartment when I realized that my cell phone was no where to be found. And since we would need it to wake us up for our honeymoon flight, we had to find it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a land line, and he didn’t have a cell phone, so we wound up driving across town to where his groomsmen were staying to use a phone to find out it was at his parents’ house. They’d found it and saved it from getting locked in the reception venue. The whole evening wound up being a bit awkward and was a far cry from what I’d expected. Bottom line: don’t forget your cell phone.

Thanks so much Sarah!  We really appreciate the great bits of knowledge Sarah shares with us weekly. She does a wonderful job working with couples — not only on their floral arrangements, but also in keeping the whole process together and flowing smoothly!  Check her out on Facebook at SuiteBlooms !!

‘Til Next Time…Keep Breathing, and Keep Going — It’s Going to be Beautiful! Aim to make it the happiest day of your life — not necessarily just ‘perfect’ — because no matter what happens, the end result is you’re getting MARRIED! And that is enough to make it an instantly beautiful day. 🙂

Kati Hime, Editor




Sarah’s Top Wedding Tips — PLANNING


Sarah Merrill of SuiteBlooms in Cheyenne is back with a new topic! Read on to discover Sarah’s tips for wedding planning…

TIP: Double up on your Groom’s Boutonniere. That’s right; buy 2 for him. Here’s why – boutonnieres are already prone to dehydration because they will have been out of water 5+ hours before the wedding. Couple the flowers’ dehydration with the bruising and petal loss that will occur when everyone he knows gives him a hug, and you wind up with a broken, bruised and smashed boutonniere that will make your groom look just as bad as it does. Remember that immediately following that receiving line, you will be photographed from all angles as you enjoy your first dance, cake cutting etc. Simply replace his boutonniere after the receiving line to avoid having that sad, dead flower in your wedding photos.

Pay all of your vendors, and set aside tips for the band, waiters etc. in envelopes at least 5 days before the wedding. Here are 2 reasons: 1. You are already going to be busy on that day, and they will be working hard. The last thing you need is one more thing to remember. 2. Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, and likely one of the most expensive. You will not want to spoil the wonderful feelings that go along with your big day by seeing your money disappear and thinking about how much it all cost.

TIP: Know your (photography) rights. Most wedding photographers have their contract worded in 1 of 3 ways. 1. They retain full rights to every image they produce. Translation: you can never copy your photographs yourself. Each time you decide you want a print (even a little one for grandma) you will have to purchase it from your photographer. 2. They retain rights to all of the images they produce, but you can purchase the rights, or they may give you rights to reproduce images up to a specified size. Translation: you may have to pay your photographer extra so that you have the rights (they will provide you with a digital or film copy of your wedding photos as well as a signed release form) or you may only be able to reproduce your images up to a specified size such as a 5” x 7”. If you want a photograph that is larger than that it has to be purchased from them directly. 3. You have full rights to your photographs. Print them and send one to everyone in the country if you would like.

TIP: Your wedding day is all about you and your groom but remember to honor the people that helped make you the people you are. It often means the world to mothers, fathers, grandparents, step-parents,  and others that have affected you deeply to receive a personal flower – a corsage for the women, a boutonniere for the men. Also, don’t forget a personal flower for your officiant; after all, marrying you is both an honor and a solemn obligation. A wonderful way to remember someone special is to carry a locket with their photograph attached to your bouquet.

TIP: Create an emergency kit just in case the unthinkable happens. Include things like: safety pins, needle, thread, bobby pins, pain killers, deodorant, blotting papers, spare shoes, eye drops, tampons, hairspray, clear nail polish, band aids, dryer sheets (for static), and duct tape to solve any problem the other items can’t.

TIP: This one is for you from my own personal experience: Don’t book a 6am flight for the morning after your wedding. Trust me on this one – fly out in the afternoon, or 2 days after the wedding.

I hope that the planning for your wedding is going wonderfully and I hope the tips here will help you with the process. Next week I will continue this theme with My Top Wedding Day Tips… Until then, enjoy being engaged!

Thanks Sarah!  These tips make me think about how confusing and stressful the planning process can be…are you feeling stressed?  Confused?  Have questions? We’re here to help! We have a whole team of experts that can help answer your questions!  Email us, post on our Facebook wall or reply to this blog — and let us know what we can research for you!



‘Til Next Time…We’re rooting for you!!!

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Creative Centerpieces Part Deux — OH HOW I LOVE THEM! — by Sarah Merrill


Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne is back with another awesome blog! Check out these SUPER FUN centerpiece ideas…I just adore her awesome ideas…Photography is provided by Sarah Merrill.

Just to catch you up, my last blog post was about your centerpieces – more specifically – how to save money on your centerpieces. If the three ideas I presented a couple weeks ago weren’t enough, don’t fret, because this week’s blog is a continuation!

We will kick this blog off with a look that is fresh, earth friendly and economical – Wheat Grass! You may have seen this stuff before at your local juice bar where it is juiced and then drank like a shot of whiskey (only stronger). What makes this an awesome centerpiece? Here are just a few of the reasons: it brings the outdoor feeling inside your venue, it’s vibrant, it can be cut to fit almost any container, and because it’s low, it will not block your guest’s view. Then just add a few Orchid blooms, or have your florist “plant” a few water tubes containing a single Gerbera Daisy each to complete the look.

Potted plants make beautiful centerpieces and are less expensive than cut flowers because your florist will not have to spend time arranging them. Your options are seemingly endless when choosing potted plants or flowers for your centerpieces. Two things to keep in mind are the season and formality of your event. Bulb flowers like Hyacinths and Tulips are colorful and can be displayed in a variety of containers such as a clear vase with the bulb and roots showing as pictured below, enamel cookware, or even a lined wicker basket. These spring blooms would be perfect at an informal brunch wedding, or at a laid back evening reception. If your wedding has a more formal feel, try using Orchids in an elegant glass or silver container.

Flowers grouped together “en masse” are wonderful for showcasing the specific shade and texture of an individual flower. Take Carnations for example. These flowers, when arranged tightly together in an interesting footed bowl, go from ordinary to exquisite and have the versatility to go from a ranch house reception to a grand ballroom just by switching out that quaint footed bowl for a tall, slender vase or pedestal dripping with crystals. Hydrangeas are also an ideal flower for an en masse style centerpiece because their florets are already arranged into a gentle cloud-like group. An arrangement of just three stems in a mason jar or simple vase is a sweet centerpiece that your guests are sure to admire. Babies Breath is a simple little white bloom that was once thought of as strictly a filler flower, but now it’s been given new life and stands alone beautifully. It’s fluttery little blossoms are reminiscent of snow flakes, which makes these perfect for a winter wedding. Group together 3 milk glass vases filled with Babies Breath and tie them together with tiny garlands of White Hyacinth Blooms to really make an impact. Think of it as bringing the snow inside!

Thanks for reading! Next week I’ll be giving my top five suggestions that apply to every wedding – including yours! Until then, you are warmly invited to visit me on Facebook @!/pages/SuiteBlooms/272721623120. You are also welcome to send me your floral and décor questions – your question and my answer could appear right here!

Thanks Sarah! I look forward to Sarah’s next blog — she has such fabulous ideas!

‘Til Next Time…I’m loving those Carnations…I never thought of them arranged like that!

Kati Hime, Editor



Color & Season Can Coexist! By Sarah Merrill


Today Sarah Merrill of SuiteBlooms in Cheyenne brings us a very interesting topic…how to make your color & season agree.  Read on to find Sarah’s hints and how she works with nature’s color palette to incorporate the colors that YOU really want in your wedding!

Be sure to visit Sarah on her Facebook page, where you can ask her questions and visit with her!

Color and Season- Your biggest question answered here:

“I’m getting married in September, but I don’t want my bride’s maids to wear pumpkin orange dresses. My favorite color is lilac, and I really want that to be my main color, but how is that going to look in the fall at an outdoor wedding? My mom said that lilac doesn’t work with fall, and that I have to make my colors match the season. Am I really stuck with brown, yellow, and orange?”

I often hear this question from a stressed, overwhelmed bride wearing a horrified look on her face. As a bridal consultant, florist and a friend – this moment is crucial. I take a big deep breath – in then out – smile and reassure her that colors and seasons are friends and that we can make them get along. Then I explain to her that a few well chosen accent colors can develop a color scheme that is beautiful and also compliments the season. I tell the bride, “Your mom may be picturing lilac, baby chick yellow, and bunny’s nose pink – a very spring palate. Let’s show her how beautiful lilac can be in the fall.”

Now, I’ll walk through the process of choosing secondary colors, so you can learn to create your own color scheme that harmonizes the wedding color you want most with the season you choose for your wedding. First we need to consider the wedding’s setting. The grass and trees in Wyoming in September are still fairly green especially if the location you choose uses a sprinkler system. Some of the grass and leaves on the Aspen trees will start turning yellow. Tree trunks bring in the brown while the flowers, bushes and shrubs bring in the dreaded pumpkin orange.

Here is the representation of our September outdoor color palate:

Now let’s add the lilac to see our starting point:

Ok, at this point I can see why Mom is worried. The lilac does not seem to work with the colors that are occurring in nature. Let’s add a deeper tone of purple that will bring the lilac into harmony with the richer colors of fall:

That simple change makes a big difference! Now let’s add in a pop of chartreuse to give it a lively feel, and a deep masculine chocolate brown to ground the color scheme:

Now Fall and Lilac work together! This is just one example of how simply balancing your entire color palate can create the wedding colors of your dreams, in any season. I suggest using paint chips to determine which colors will work together, then make sure the color you choose is available in your dresses, linens and other necessary items before you get your heart set on any specific tone. Also remember that flowers can be difficult to match perfectly. For example, some red flowers have a warmer tone, others a cooler tone. If an exact match to your blooms is a high priority to you, start by visiting your florist with your color samples. If you have questions, comments or just need an expert’s help, feel free to email in to this blog or to me directly at I will do my best to help you, and your question may be featured in future posts on this blog!

Take a look at the great finds that work within this palate!

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Play with Patterns — Make Your Flowers Sing!


Welcome to our blog! We have many experts — all from Wyoming! — chipping in their knowledge and expertise to help inform and inspire you along the path of wedding planning! Today, we’re featuring a new post by Sarah Merill, owner of SuiteBlooms in Cheyenne…Learn how to make your flowers pop using patterns — and be sure to visit her on Facebook! Be ready to meet more bloggers and columnists daily! We’re your daily inspiration and planning resource for all things WY — have you picked up our 2011 planning guide yet? It’s FREE and we will gladly mail you one! Contact us at !

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My latest obsession: Flowers with pattern!

One of the most visually effective elements of design is pattern, often because it adds a degree of contrast to a work of art or a room’s design scheme.  Consider the following example: Pinstripes can convey a sense of formality, whereas Polka Dots induce a whimsical, carefree spirit.

As a bride to be, you have probably already thought about your wedding colors, the overall feel, and the formality of your day – now let’s consider how pattern can impact your bouquets and floral designs!

Look carefully at a Stargazer Lily and you will notice that, in addition to having a pink center with a clean white edge, they are spotted with a deep burgundy.  Fox Gloves are another example of a speckled flower, but have a more relaxed feel.  Want something more exotic?  Vanda Orchids never fail to impress, thanks in part to their purple and white near-gingham print.  Opt for Lady Slipper Orchids for a crisp green pinstripe (bonus – most people have never seen one and will have to take a second look.)  Monkshood Flower has a more subtle pattern complimenting its rare hooded form.  Notice the deep blue violet vein running through their petals.  These are perfect to add visual interest to a centerpiece that people will have time to sit and enjoy.  The velvety frills of Cockscomb seem to squiggle endlessly like the doodles in your junior high school English notebook.  Even the seemingly commonplace Rose has some rare striped varieties.

An artistic florist can help you to think beyond your choice of wedding colors and season when selecting flowers.  Before I meet with a prospective couple, I tell them to bring their invitations and other details they want included in their special day, no matter how small. This gives me a concrete idea of their overall style and helps me to understand the feelings they hope to evoke on their wedding day. Then I can assist in reproducing these feelings in their floral décor. Often it is the small details that can be repeated to unify the entire day.

So as you plan, remember to give all your wedding vendors a complete picture of your wedding theme and style, and don‘t overlook pattern as an effective way to impress your guests and create a unique wedding experience.

Lady Slipper

Fox Glove



Striped Rose


This bouquet by Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms & Designs uses pattern to capture attention!

Thanks Sarah! Please be sure to visit our website to connect with other Wyoming wedding professionals!

Keep up the great work!

Kati Hime, Editor