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Thanks to Meghan for sharing her and Dan’s awesome engagement photos! These two are planning a fun event near Lance Creek and Lusk, Wyoming, and these images are awesome! Talk about capturing a beautiful story in a picturesque location…gorgeous!

























































































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WEDDING SPOTLIGHT: David & Caroline’s Theater Wedding


Thanks to Stephanie of Wainscott Wedding Photography and David & Caroline for providing this week’s wedding spotlight! These two used their love of theater — a theme throughout their relationship — to create a wedding that truly represented them. They held their wedding at the Laramie Plains Civic Center — an icon of Laramie history.  The building’s roots are in education, serving as Laramie’s city school in the late 1800’s and then moving to the Laramie High School, and later the Laramie Junior High School.  The Junior High School moved to its current location in 1979, which shifted the Civic Center’s function to community office spaces and facility rentals.  Today, the building is managed by a new group of enthusiastic leaders who are transforming the building, bringing back its historical significance and expanding its influence in the community.  David is the Civic Center’s Theater Manager and he allows me to bug him regularly. 🙂  I was personally very excited to see a wedding being held at the historic theater — what a neat idea!  To read about the Laramie Plains Civic Center and their transformation process, please visit our Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine’s website & read our fall 2011 issue online…click on ‘Current Issue’ or ‘Back Issues’ after December 2011… www.wyolifestyle.com.  But enough blabbing about history (one of my favorite topics) — we’re here to talk about David & Caroline!  I’ll let Caroline tell their story…

David proposed on a cold, snowy night in December 2010 while I had a miserable cold. I’d love to say it was romantic, but it really wasn’t. It was mainly because he was afraid he would lose the ring before Christmas, which was his original intention to propose then. It did help me feel a little better though, even with the cold. We set the date for September 10, 2011, mainly because I figured it would be harder to forget 9-10-11. Things all seemed to go right at first, things got done so quickly, my only sticking point was on a photographer since I was on a budget. Stephanie was out of Cheyenne, but agreed to drive over for the wedding, and even when they were moving she was still wonderful! We decided on the Civic Center Theatre for our wedding since we had a connection with Dave working there, but also because theatre has been a continuing theme throughout our lives. We met through theatre at Casper College and theatre brought him back to me after seven years without seeing each other.  Wainscott Wedding Photography took  beautiful pictures! It was a beautiful wedding and will be a day I always remember.












Thanks to Stephanie of Wainscott Wedding Photography and David & Caroline for sharing your day!  If you’d like to see your Wyoming wedding spotlight on this blog, contact us! We’d love to shine a spotlight on you! Email brides@wyomingweddingsonline.com — if you’re the photographer or the couple, doesn’t matter!

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When it comes to that grand exit, will you join the masses who have random items chucked at them while running by? Your first reaction is probably — say what? Kinda sounds funny, right? But yet if you think about it, that’s what our tradition of throwing rice/birdseed/blowing bubbles/etc. while the newly married couple runs by is really doing! It’s so funny what our traditions are and where they’ve come from…

This particular tradition was investigated by Ask Yahoo, and it was very interesting what they discovered… check out the link at http://ask.yahoo.com/20030626.html, but here are the highlights that I found interesting… Apparently, throwing things at the newly married couple is a way to wish good luck — fertility, prosperity, strong crops, etc.  The column highlights different items thrown in different countries & cultures:  in Korea, the groom’s father tosses red dates at his new daughter-in-law for fertility (I found that most interesting and have a mental image of my own father-in-law having done this); in some European countries, eggs represent new life and are thrown at the couple; they report that an old Irish tradition involves chucking pots & pans at the new couple to represent their new domestic life…now if someone threw a nice Le Creuset set at me, I might become a little disgruntled…

Regardless the origin, the question is how to work this tradition into your ceremony.  The urban myth of rice causing the untimely demise to birds has reportedly been debunked by ornithologists. Whether you trust that or not, your reception venue may say no rice or birdseed, or other small items that can be slipped on on dance floors, or perhaps just cause a mess.  Clean up one mess of scattered birdseed, and you’ll probably agree that it can be a tremendous pain. (Case in point: my parents booby-trapped our house for the return from our honeymoon. Little did they know we’d take on the whole drive from Canada in one day, and arrived home at 3 AM. Imagine our surprise, walking in the door to our tiny house, and being showered with birdseed! We were vacuuming that up for WEEKS!)

So Melissa asked on our Facebook page for some fun ideas, and I’ve been researching some fun ones! Her reception facility doesn’t allow throwing of rice/birdseed/etc. so she wanted some other things to do. Just in case your reception facility is item-chucking friendly, we’ve included some ideas and tips for you as well…

Now here’s one interesting product:  For an eco-friendly option, check out this product for sale online:  http://www.beau-coup.com/wedding-toss-confetti.htm

The traditional ideas:  Rice of course (while it’s still a hotly debated topic, ornithologists have weighed in that this is a MYTH. In fact, some birds are considered pests in rice fields for how much they DO eat!); Birdseed is of course the option that has replaced rice…

One tip about bird seed:  If your guests have hazardous contact allergies (such as nuts), READ BIRDSEED LABELS CAREFULLY! Some bird seeds contain nuts, traces of nuts, or nut oils.  The last thing you want is to have a reaction triggered by celebrating your exit!

The honorable exit:  The photo at the top of this blog says it best:  If your new hubby or you are a military member (and thank you by the way if you are!), then of course you’re considering this honor at your wedding. What a beautiful and tear-jerking moment!

Bubbles:  I think every wedding company out there offers their own take on bubbles. While they may be fairly conventional by now, they do make little mess, won’t harm your dress TOO much (as long as you don’t spill an entire vial on it), and also make for a great way to entertain the kiddos in the meantime. (My youngest is always entertained at weddings by bubbles, and we as parents thank the couple for that entertainment!) One fun idea:  Research quotes either that represent love, or perhaps by your favorite poet, writer, or time period, print one line on little tags, and tie to your bubbles with a hole punched in the paper and some simple ribbon. Find something that represents you two together or individually. Beatles fans? Find some great lines from your favorite songs…a fan of a classic author like Jane Austen? Quotes abound online! Or perhaps are you oriented toward social matters and find the works of Voltaire more your speed, or love skateboarding or love to cook…  Whatever your taste, make your day all about you both and your life together as a couple!

A garden theme:  Check with your reception facility and consider tossing a flower seed or a plant product such as lavender. a beautiful scene, and a gorgeous scent to go along with it! BE SURE to ask though — the facility may not appreciate the abundance of little plants that crop up next year!







Biodegradable Wedding Poppers; www.icestandard.org

Poppers:  Here’s a fun idea — Find poppers much like those used to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Here’s one product found online: http://www.buysparklers.com Downside — they’ll create a confetti mess, so your facility may put the kabosh on them. The loud pop may scare babies & little kiddos. Upside — what a fun way to celebrate your new marriage — with a BANG! (Yes, I had to say that.)











Sparklers:  The same website (www.buysparklers.com) also offers sparklers in straight and fun shapes like hearts! These make for fabulous photo ops — especially when you’re making your grand exit at night!  Be careful as sparklers are of course a hazard with kiddos and fabric.  Be sure every kiddo that has a sparkler is being monitored and that your exit path is wide enough that you won’t risk brushing too close to the business end of that sparkler!











Ribbon wands:  These can be handmade months ahead of time, probably while you just sit and watch some TV with your honey… Here’s a website with a DIY set of instructions:  http://ruffledblog.com/diy-ribbon-wands-wedding-sendoff/ Products also are available online where you can buy ribbon wands pre-made. This exit option may be a little pricier than bubbles or rice, but I think you can work smart if you work early:  shop the sales! Perhaps you can work with a color such as white, red, green, blue or silver…post-holiday sales at craft stores often times involve ribbon. Keep your eye on those sale flyers year-round! Ask your florist about their ribbon resource. Many buy ribbon from a wholesale supplier, sometimes even the same supplier they buy their flowers from. Ask if you can order some rolls of ribbon through their shop — you might end up saving yourself some $$! For the dowels, ask your local lumber store if there are dowels that are either flawed or spares that they want to get rid of for a bargain. If a rounded dowel isn’t too important to you, consider blocks of wood cut to thin rectangles (something that your guests can hold on to easily).  You can either drill a hole through the wood for the ribbon, or you can find eye hooks or a push pin to attach the ribbons at the top of the wood.  Buy a few pieces of lumber and have your favorite handyman cut them to size, or ask a local carpenter for his unusable scraps. (Do a little sanding to get rid of splinters, and consider spray painting the wood for a matching look!) You’ll be amazed the number of deals you can find when you muster up some courage and ask!

A Musical Exit:  So…throwing things are out of the realm of possibilities, sparklers and poppers scare you, and ribbon wands are just not your thing? How about orchestrating your own special exit? Involve your guests and/or your wedding party and put on a show as you leave! Here are a few ideas…

Hopscotch! Seriously, who didn’t do hopscotch at some point as a kid? Draw a big blank hopscotch template on the cement somewhere outside your facility, and have your guests add their signature or wishes of good luck (what a photo op!).  Be sure to leave enough space wherever you draw it to let your guests see as you each hopscotch your way across their wishes and into your new life! And who still doesn’t want to have that fun return to childhood?!

Dance out the Door:  Who remembers the scene in Dirty Dancing where there are two lines and people dance down the middle? Yup, you know what I’m talking about then.  If you have a fun-loving group and want to make a light-hearted exit, consider the chicken dance and dancing your way down the line along with your wedding party and guests.  Or in a reverse take on the viral internet clip of the wedding party that dances to Chris Brown’s “Forever” down the aisle…take it out the door!  Play the song and make your fun dance with your wedding party that takes you down the line and onto your honeymoon in style… Are you great at Latin dancing? Or perhaps country line dancing? What better way to boot-scoot into your new future than a line dance or tango? It might take a little orchestrating and organizing beforehand, but what fun for your guests — and what a way to exit and end the night! It will be something your guests will talk about for a LONG time!









Image by Joanna Wilson Photography; www.community.theknot.com

Tandem bike:  My  husband and I had the BEST couple in our wedding as Maid of Honor & Best Man. When we were in their wedding a few weeks later, they hopped aboard a tandem bike and rode it through the lines of people…what fun and we’ll always remember that!  If you’ve got a motorcycle, hop aboard and ride through the line as you exit… If you’re a fun-loving group, consider something funny like mini cars, Hot Wheels (watch the dress!), roller blades or scooters… what fun!


I hope these ideas help get your creative juices flowing! Have an idea that we’ve missed? Please share! Email brides@wyomingweddingsonline.com or post on our Facebook page or Twitter (@wyoweddings) and we’ll add it to this blog!

‘Til Next Time…Keep Those Creative Juices Flowing!

Kati Hime, Editor




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Wyovore:  www.wyovore.com





Thanks to Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne for the newest addition to her blog series!  I appreciate Sarah’s real-world approach to wedding floral design and advice — this is another gem! Thanks Sarah!

Price Line Guide:

*          = $100 – $149

**        = $150 – $199

***      = $200 – $249

****    = $250 – $299

*****  = $300 +

Price line guide is only an approximation.  Actual costs will vary with different regions and seasons.

Comparison # 1: Pink Hand Tied










Price: ****

This beautiful mix of color, pattern and texture is created using Phaleonopsis & Cattleya Orchids, Sweet William, Cocks Comb, Gomphrenia, Ti Leaves, and feathers.  This arrangement’s expense would stem from the high cost of its main flowers – the orchids.  Additionally, orchids grow with several blooms on one long stalk and therefore do not have stems long enough to reach the handle of the bouquet.  Each bloom must be wired into the arrangement by hand, which is time consuming and labor intensive.  The charge for the labor is then passed on to the client resulting in an almost shocking price tag.











Price: **

This sweet bouquet is much simpler than its more expensive counterpart.  However, notice that the colors are similar, and this one is also rich in pattern and texture.  The white Sedum in this grouping has a similar affect as the Sweet William in the other.  It creates the balance between large focal flowers, and simple supporting flowers.  Zinnias provide an intricate pattern with their unique layers of petals, and the deep pink roses add elegance.  The price here is kept down by limiting the selection of flowers to three.  These flowers are also available to your florist from growers that are close to Wyoming, which cuts down on the cost of shipping them in.  Choosing flowers that are in season and from local or nearby growers is both economically smart and environmentally friendly.











Price: *****

A classic all white bouquet… kept simple with just two beautiful types of flowers.  Many people have fallen in love with the bouquet that Princess Kate carried at her wedding to Prince William just weeks ago.  Her bouquet was mainly Lily of the Valley, and she took her style cue from Hollywood icon (and Princess) Grace Kelly.  Although this bouquet of Lily of the Valley and Gardenias looks simple, be assured that the accompanying price tag is not.  Here are a few reasons why:  Lilly of the Valley is one of the highest priced wedding flowers due to the care and attention required in growing and in caring for them.  Its growing season is very short, usually only available in May.  Gardenias are also very expensive flowers.  They require warm weather and a large amount of attention.









Price: *

This bouquet of Baby’s Breath and Freesia is comparably beautiful, simple and is richly fragrant like the Gardenias in the previous bouquet, but this one will not break the bank.  The flowers on the Baby’s Breath are white and delicate like handmade lace.  These are often overlooked as a filler flower; recently however, they have gained attention as a flower to use by themselves en masse or as a collar or border for a main flower.  The Freesia is a heavenly scented flower that has a unique growing flower budding pattern – growing up one side of the stalk and curving from medium sized open blooms to tiny unopened buds.











Price: ****

A Bright Yellow Calla Lily & Orchid bouquet is given a unique spicy feel with Navy Peppers, and is finished with Yellow Ranunculus, Silver Brunia, Tiny Yellow Chrysanthemums, Dusty Miller and Fiddlehead Ferns.  Its main cost comes from the Cymbidium Orchids, and the Callas.  These pricey blooms are the main flowers, and give this bouquet its size.  Additionally, the large number of different fillers add to the cost.












Price: **

This bouquet is a bit smaller, and a bit simpler, but offers the same color palette and feel.  Notice that the Calla lilies are in this bouquet as well, but the main flower is a bright yellow tulip.  Tulips are an inexpensive option throughout a large portion of the year.  The fillers have also been simplified by limiting them to the Peppers & the Dusty Miller.


Thanks Sarah for a great column!  Sarah Merrill of Suite Blooms in Cheyenne is a great resource — we appreciate her contributions!


Kati Hime, Editor


*Opinions expressed in guest columns are not the opinion of Wyoming Weddings, LLC.




WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Gillette Engagement!

LINK BACK TO OUR SITE & FIND A WY VENDOR:  www.wyoweddings.com

Editor’s Note:  Sorry, the spacing is really goofy here — I’ve been fighting with it and will continue to, but please in the meantime — keep scrolling down! Sorry!















Ernie, Tristan, Sophia and Bert (‘our trusty stead’)

I love today’s story!  Meet Tristan & Ernie from Gillette.  Their story is so sweet and touching, and I’m happy that they are letting us share it (thanks guys!).  What really touched my heart is how their love has been written in the stars — and brought a peace to Tristan’s heart… I’ll be quiet now and let her tell the story:

I met my fiance 14 years ago. He was nothing more than an annoying ranch hand. Being a few years older than him, I had no interest and was so mean! From there he grew into an even more annoying teen with a dirt bike, then grew into a fancy Ford pickup. He never failed to make a point to come say hello, and I never failed to make it clear I was FAR from interested! Years later and plenty of mistakes for both of us, our paths crossed again. I couldn’t believe the kid I’d written off had grown into such a handsome man. That night he asked me to dance and he was so nervous! Then one night standing in the corrals under a perfect summer sky he looked at me and said “I think I’ve loved you my whole life”. Who would have thought he would be the one to swoop in and pick up the pieces to my – at the time, very broken life. He has been the most amazing blessing to both mine and my daughter’s life.

Okay, seriously, I was in tears reading this and got chills. Not lying. I just love stories like this — and I’m very excited for their future together as a family.  Their wedding is coming up June 2 2012, and they have shared some sweet pictures with it — I love these because they capture those intimate moments that are full of emotion…






















From Tristan:  “This is Ernie and my daughter. A stolen moment that captures just how much they mean to each other.”






















Tristan & Ernie at Gulches of Fun in SD…

Thanks guys for sharing your story with us!  It is beautiful and so touching…and we wish you the best of luck as you journey into your new future together!

‘Til Next Time…We’d love to hear YOUR story, engagement or wedding (or even an anniversary!), doesn’t matter! Shoot us a line at brides@wyomingweddingsonline.com and we’ll feature YOU!


Kati Hime, Editor





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As we journey forward into our new online material for 2011, we’ll be introducing you to our new team — professionals and other experts who are here to inform, educate and inspire you through your planning process!  You want to learn and be inspired daily, right? We’re here to deliver! Find your INSPIRATION here…and find your ORGANIZATION through our 2011 planning guide! It’s FREE! Have you picked one up yet? Email brides@wyomingweddingsonline.com and we’ll send you one for FREE!

But right now, I want to introduce you to Sarah Merrill…our new floral contributor…below, meet Sarah and why she is the perfect person to deliver your wedding inspiration! Find Sarah on Facebook at SuiteBlooms: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wyoming-Weddings/139690939428942#!/pages/SuiteBlooms/272721623120?v=wall

Hi, my name is Sarah Merrill, and I am the owner of Suite Blooms & Designs, based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It is an exciting privilege to be on the Wyoming Weddings blog team! For my first blog, I would like to tell you a little about myself, and how I came to be a wedding florist.

My fascination with flowers began when I was a small child growing up in a quaint home in Casper, Wyoming. My mother cultivated daisies, moss roses and most memorably holly hocks in our yard. I examined the way the daisies branched, and the way the seeds formed on the Holly Hocks after the plants had finished blooming. Little did I know that my fascination would grow into a life long passion.

When I was in high school, I took a part time job in a flower shop, and happily scrubbed buckets and answered phones just to be in the vicinity of the gorgeous blooms. I learned how to care for the flowers, and I was always watching to learn new techniques of flower arranging. After work, I would return home inspired and smelling of roses, freesia and stock flowers.

When I came to Cheyenne and began planning my own wedding, my obsession with flowers blossomed into a business plan. I knew that I had found an outlet for my passion. A few years have passed, but my dream has been realized! In January 2010, I opened a small wedding flower & décor business called Suite Blooms & Designs. Since then I have enjoyed creating unique arrangements for simple intimate ceremonies, elaborate formal weddings, and also for many lovely couples whose big day fell somewhere in between.

I am ecstatic for an already busy wedding season and am anxious to blog about my experiences, new ceremony and reception ideas, helpful hints, and floral trends that I discover along the way.

Welcome Sarah!

Keep finding your inspiration!  Visit our website! www.wyomingweddingsonline.com


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