Purple Floral Burst by Plush Floral & Ardent Photography

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We love to share beautiful work by the talented people that work with us, and we have TWO talented vendors to showcase in this blog… Both Plush Floral, based in Casper, and Ardent Photography, based in Laramie – but these two businesses are known to go ALL OVER Wyoming with their fabulous work! You can meet Ardent at our upcoming Cheyenne (January 18) and Laramie (February 15) expos!

Be sure to click on either of these two expo ad images to connect with our pre-registration page – thanks to Ardent Photography for the use of their beautiful image in the Cheyenne Bridal Expo ad, and to Blushing Crow Studio of Pinedale for their use of their beautiful image in the Sweetwater County Wedding Expo ad!



INSPIRATION: Just a little wedding wow…

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I love so many things that Ardent Photography in Laramie does…and on one of their ‘Wedding Wednesday Must-Do’ blog posts I saw this idea — must share!!! LOVE! Click on their linked name above to visit their blog post for more wedding love & inspiration…Ardent ROCKS!

This set of signs is available via Etsy…the bride & groom write a list of things that they love about each other, which is then converted into this misty-eye worthy bit of wedding decor…the picture is linked to the Etsy page…

This one was such a cute find…the flyer included details on the bride & groom so that when one is waiting for the wedding to start and ‘fighting boredom,’ they have you covered. They are so considerate!


found on everythingfunny.org via Pinterest


OK, so this isn’t flowers from Poppy’s Flowers in Downtown Laramie, but sometimes you just got to share something cute when the opportunity presents itself… Poppy’s also carries adorable clothes, and I have my eye on some scarves & candles down there…(can they make one of these for me with my Daisy dog on it?!)

And a little bit of inspiration from the fabulous Photography by Mike Roberts in Sheridan…this is from a very patriotic wedding held in Rock Springs July 4 — we’ll share more on this wedding, but had to share this pic — patriotic strawberries?! Fabulous and worthy any time of year, I say!